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Genre Practice- PV 6th Grade Literacy

Traditional Literature
People told one another stories over and over through the years. Examples: Fables, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Myths
It is fiction that includes elements that are impossible such as talking animals, characters with magical powers, and mythical creatures. Examples: Harry Potter, Charlotte's Web, and Lightning Thief
Science FIction
Made up stories that focus on futuristic technology. Examples: The Time Machine, Star Wars, The Giver
Realistic Fiction
Stories with characters, settings, and problem. It is a made up story that could really happen. Examples: Hatchet, Because of Winn Dixie
Historical Fiction
Stories with characters, settings, and problem. It is a made up story that takes place in the PAST at a certain time and place in history. Examples: Sign of the Beaver, Number the Stars, Born to Fly, Bud, Not Buddy
A suspenseful story to scare you as a reader. There is usually a problem, clues, secret, , and solution. Examples: Sherlock Holmes, Hoot, Old Willis Place, and The Westing Games
It is written in verse to inspire thoughts and feelings. Examples: Where the Sidewalk Ends, Love that Dog, Out of the Dust, Hate that Cat
Graphic Novel
Fiction or nonfiction and written in a comic strip format.
Examples: Maximum Ride, Sisters, Drama, Bone
A story written by an author about a different REAL person. Examples :Helen Keller, LeBron James
A story written by an author and it is about THEMSELVES. Example: Small Steps by Pehret.
Record of true events written by a person observing them. Example: The Red Guard
Nonfiction books that give TRUE FACTS. Examples: Newspaper, Lions, Animals, Dirt Bikes, Jordan, Manual, Math Textbook, and Science Book