16 terms


a series of events that form the story in a novel, movie, etc.
The part of the plot that gives information about the characters and their conflicts (problems) as well as the setting.
The beginning.
Where and when a story takes place.
A person or animal who appears in a story, book, play, movie, or television show.
static character
A character that does not go through an emotional change in a story.
dynamic character
A character that goes through an emotional change in a story.
round character
A character in a story that is developed with lots of details.
flat character
A character in a story that is not developed with lots of details.
A struggle between opposing characters or opposing forces.
internal conflict
An emotional conflict within one character (character versus self).
external conflict
A conflict between a character and an opposing force (character versus character, character versus society, character versus nature, or character versus technology).
rising action
The plot events leading to the climax; the conflict is getting worse.
The turning point of a story. The point in which the main character has an emotional change.
Can be the most interesting, exciting, or suspenseful part of a story.
falling action
The events occurring after the climax. Conflicts are beginning to be solved.
The end of a story. Conflicts aren't necessarily solved.
The general idea or insight about life that a story reveals. They are NOT specific to the story you're reading; they're written in GENERAL terms.