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All Summer in a Day


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Who is the author of All Summer in a Day?
Ray Bradbury
What is the setting?
Time = future; one day every seven years when sun shines
Place = Venus
What is the narration?
3rd person omniscient
Who is the protagonist?
Margot. she is static and round.
Who is the antagonist?
the children (William) they are dynamic and flat.
What is the conflict?
character vs character
Why did Margot not fit in?
Because she was from earth, had memories of the sun, and was pale and did not take part in games.
What is the theme of the story?
Be careful with what you say and what you do, because it cannot be unsaid or undone, and you never know what the consequences will be.
How did they adapt to Venus?
They used Sun lamps, made an underground city, and always wear jackets.
agitated; showing intense irritation, emotion, or excitement; restless and unable to keep still,
center; middle part of something
an echo or an after result, especially of a sound
huge, exceptionally great in extent or degree
enjoy something unhurriedly; to enjoy something with unhurried appreciation
earnest; having or showing sincerity and gravity; showing grief or seriousness