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Key Terms Unit 4b: The Presidency 2016-17

AP Government Key Terms

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Executive agreement
an agreement between the President and another head of state that, unlike a treaty, does not require Senate consent.
Executive order
presidential rule or regulation that has the force of law.
Executive privilege
the privilege of a President and his staff to withhold their "privileged" conversations from Congress or the courts.
refusal of a President to spend money that has been appropriated by Congress.
Line item veto
power of most governors (and President Clinton for only a few years) to delete or reduce funding in a bill on a line by line basis.
Political appointees
those who have received presidential appointments to office. Contrast with Civil Service employees, who receive federal jobs by competitive exams.
Senatorial courtesy
tradition in which the President consults with the senators within a state in which an appointment is to be made.