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  1. Taiga
  2. Russian Economy
  3. Dagestan
  4. Russian Orthodox
  5. 11
  1. a The world's largest forest that lies south of the tundra
  2. b the main religion of russia, banned under the Communists
  3. c most ethnically diverse Russian Republic
  4. d time zones in Russia
  5. e Europe's 2nd largest

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  1. Steppe Region
  2. "black earth"
  3. Volga, Ob, & Amur
  4. part of Russia located in Asia
  5. a lake east of the Caspian Sea lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan that has , lost 80% of water volume from irrigation projects

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  1. Lake Baikalmost ethnically diverse Russian Republic


  2. Ural Mountainsa mountain range in western Russia extending from the arctic to the Caspian Sea


  3. Arablecapable of producing crops; suitable for farming


  4. Northern RussiaTundra Region


  5. SiberiaSubarctic Climate