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Web Design 2 Exam 1

On which of the following operating systems does Dreamweaver CS5 run?
To remove the bullets or numbers from a formatted list, select the formatted list, and then click the button in the ____ that you originally used to apply the formatting.
Property Inspector
To define a site and create the hierarchy, ____.
a and b
The ____ toolbar is the default toolbar displayed in the Document window.
Dreamweaver users work in the Document window in one of ____ views.
In the accompanying figure, the submenu that is shown, starting with Show and ending with Centimeters is the ____ submenu.
To edit a site, click the site name and then click the Edit button. Dreamweaver displays the ____ dialog box; from there, you can change any of the options you selected when you first created the site.
site setup
Which of the following is NOT a preset workspace layout in Dreamweaver?
To start a new single line without a blank line between lines of text requires a ____.
line break
In the accompanying figure, the menu that is shown, beginning with Zoom In and ending with Color Icons, is the ____ menu.
A Web page ____ helps Web site visitors keep track of what they are viewing as they browse.
Most Web sites use the ____ extension.
To close an individual panel group, click ____ on the context menu accessed through the panel group's title bar.
close tab group
The ____ toolbar provides options for designing for different media types, such as screen, print, handheld, projection, TTY, television, CSS Styles, and Style Sheets.
style rendering
When you select existing text and add bullets, the blank lines between the list items ____.
are deleted
With which of the following is Dreamweaver easily integrated?
Adobe flash
____ help you measure, organize, and plan your layout.
The ____ bar displays the Dreamweaver menu names.
A ____ is the succession of folders that must be navigated to get from one folder to another.
The ____ bar located below the Document window provides additional information about the document you are creating.
____ lists do not use leading characters such as bullet points or numbers.
If your screen resolution is set to ____, a portion of the Property inspector may not be displayed when the panel groups are expanded.
800 x 600
____ means to change heading styles, insert special characters, and insert and/or modify other such elements that enhance the appearance of the Web page.
The ____ button on the Property inspector allows you to apply a Paragraph, Heading, or Preformatted style to text.
A typical path structure has a master folder, usually called the ____.
You should create Dreamweaver projects using any of the following EXCEPT ____.
floppy drive
Using the Center command on the ____ submenu on the Format menu allows you to center text.
To display a menu, click the menu name on the ____ bar.
Dreamweaver comes with a number of default commands. These defaults are stored in 20 different categories in Dreamweaver's ____ dialog box.
The ____ bar contains buttons for creating and inserting various types of objects.
By default, the ____ screen is displayed each time you start Dreamweaver.
The ____ is the starting point for the rest of your Web site.
home page
In the Classic workspace, or view, Dreamweaver can display four toolbars: Document, Standard, Browser Navigation, and ____.
style rendering
In the accompanying figure, rulers are currently ____.
turned on
The ____ toolbar contains buttons for common operations from the File and Edit menus.
If you do not title a page, the page will be displayed in the browser window, Favorites lists, and history lists as an ____.
untitled document
____ structures are used to set apart document or section titles.
The ____ toolbar contains buttons for common operations from the File and Edit menus such as New, Open, Browse in Bridge, and Save.
The ____ toolbar provides feedback regarding browser capability.
Browser navigation
Panel ____ are sets of related panels docked together below one heading.
The ____ icon represents a folder
The bit-resolution of an image is described by the number of bits used to represent each
To hide all invisible elements temporarily, select Hide All on the View menu Visual Aids submenu or use ____.
When using the Property inspector, ____ specifies the image name that is contained in the source code.
If you need to install a Flash Plug-in, go to the ____ Web site.
A 24- or 32-bit image supports up to 16.7 ____ colors.
If the code is XHTML compliant, all tags are ____.
The ____ icon represents a device such as the desktop or a disk drive.
You resize panels by pointing to the panel's ____ until it changes to a two-headed arrow, and then you hold down the mouse button and drag.
vertical bar
You can insert most asset types into a document by ____.
any of the above
To add an asset to the Favorites list, select the item in the Site list and then click the ____ button.
Add to favorites
When using the Property inspector, the ____ box allows you to make the selected image a hyperlink to a specified URL or Web page.
images add texture and interesting color to a Web page and set the overall appearance of the document.
____ JPEG is a new variation of the JPEG image format that supports a gradually-built display similar to the interlaced GIFs.
Windows arranges all of these objects — root directory, folders, subfolders, and files — in
a ____.
To apply a background color to a Web page, you can click the Page Properties button in the Property inspector, click the ____ category, and then click the Background icon to display a color picker, which provides a palette of Web-safe colors.
A ____ file maps out or plots an image on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
H Space adds space along the ____ of an image.
left and right
The vector file contains a description of the image expressed ____.
To use the Quick Tag Editor, select the text or image associated with the code you want to view, and then press ____.
control T
To open an existing Web page in Dreamweaver you can click the Open button on the ____ toolbar.
Displaying invisible elements can change the layout of a page slightly, so for precision layout, when moving elements by a few pixels might change the entire page, ____ the invisible elements
When using the Property inspector, use ____ to specify the frame or window in which the linked page should load.
When using the Property inspector, the ____ tool opens the computer's default image editor, which is Photoshop.
The ____ format contains three features not available in the GIF87 or JPEG formats:
transparency, interlacing, and animation.
When using the Property inspector, if you change an image size, the ____ tool is displayed after an image size has been changed.
reset size
In Windows, the main directory of a disk is called the ____ directory.
either a or b (not just root)
JPEG files are the best format for ____ because JPEG files can contain millions of colors.
photographic images
A method to create a relative link does NOT include ____.
quick tag file
The ____ feature allows you to specify a transparency color, which allows the background color or image to display.
You can specify the image size in ____.
all of the above
If you have already created a document that you can use as a Web page, store it in the root folder for your site, and then use the Open command on the ____ menu.
When using the Property inspector, Edit Image Settings opens the ____ dialog box.
image preview
An 8-bit image supports up to ____ colors.
The browse for file method is accomplished through the Select File dialog box, which is accessed through the Make Link command on the ____ menu.
When using the Property inspector, use the Map box and the ____ tools to label and create an image map.
When using the Property inspector, the Border is the width, in pixels, of the image's border. The default is ____ .
no border
You use the Dreamweaver tool in the accompanying figure to modify and add table ____.
Tables download quickly because they are created with ____ code.
You can change cell alignment through the Align ____ on the Property inspector by clicking the cell and then selecting another alignment option.
bottom pop-up menu
To add a row automatically, press the ____ key in the last cell of a table.
If you accidentally remove content in a table, click the Undo button on the ____ toolbar.
The ____ command specifies the width, in pixels, of the line that frames the image.
To merge two or more cells, select the cells and then click ____ in the Property inspector
merge cells
When no table width value is specified, the table is displayed ____ and then expands as content is added.
as small as possible
You easily can delete a table. Select the table tag in the tag selector and then press the ____ key.
When a cell, row, or column is selected, the selected item has a ____.
dark border
The Insert bar appears at the top of the window below the ____ bar.
To select the entire table, click in a cell and then click ____ in the tag selector.
Referring to the accompanying figure, if you enter something into the Caption text box, it will appear ____.
outside the table
____ can help separate content within a table and are especially useful if the table contains
data that must be read across a row or down a column.
When you insert an image, the default Image Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box is displayed where you can ____.
both a and b
You can hide the bar that shows the column and table widths by clicking the down-pointing arrow next to the____ and then clicking Hide Table Widths.
table width indicator
The name (ID) you give to a table identifies the content of a(n) ____ within the HTML code.
When you click inside the cell, the ____ tag is displayed as selected on the status bar.
A method for selecting a row or column is to point to the left edge of a row or the top edge of a column. When the pointer changes to a ____, click to select the row or column
selection arrow
When a ____ is selected, the properties in the upper pane of the Dreamweaver feature in the accompanying figure are the same as the standard properties for text.
When formatting tables in Standard mode, you can set properties for ____.
To clear any cell widths or row heights you set, select the table and click the Clear Row Heights button or the Clear Column Widths button in the ____.
property inspector
The name assigned through the Table field located in the Property inspector cannot contain spaces and characters except for the ____.
If the ____ property is enabled and the text will not fit within the cell, the cell and table will expand to accommodate the text.
no wrap
You can display a ____ as a visual guide that allows for precise positioning.
The default number of columns in a table are ____.
Selecting a ____ is easier than selecting the entire table.
all of the above
When you create a table, the Table dialog box opens in ____ mode by default so you can set the basic structure of the table.
To prevent conflicts, HTML assigns levels of precedence. The order of precedence for table formatting is ____.
cells, rows, and table
You can add borders to tables when you insert the table into the Web page using the Border thickness text box in the ____ dialog box.
When specifying the width, you can select ____.
either a or b
Tables can be used for ____.
all of the above
Tables, images, and other Web site elements can be assigned a name through the ____ field located in the Property inspector.
When the table's border is set to ____ and the table is viewed in a browser, the outline is not displayed.
Referring to the accompanying figure, the Cell spacing entry of 10 would specify
10 pixels between adjacent cells
If modifications are necessary to the original specified table values, you can change these values in the ____.
property inspector
Use the ____ tab of the Insert bar to work with tables and table features.
You use the Expanded button on the ____ tab to switch to Expanded Tables mode.
____ style, also known as pseudo-class, is commonly applied to hyperlinks to create a rollover effect
Styles are created and controlled through the ____ panel.
CSS styles
As shown in the accompanying figure, the following options are available when inserting an image placeholder ____.
both a and b
To use HTML styles, you must deselect the Use ____ instead of HTML Tags option in the General category of the Preferences dialog box.
When working with external style sheets, using the Import command creates a(n) ____ tag in the HTML code and references the URL where the published style sheet is located
When the ____ target is specified, the linked document opens in a new browser window.
Link ____ defines the style of an unvisited link.
CSS Style Type Property called ____ specifies small-caps or normal.
font variant
Also considered a custom style, ____ is the most flexible way to define a style.
To add an image to a table, you can drag the image from the ____ panel to a table cell.
____ links defines the style of a link when the mouse pointer moves over the link.
One advantage of HTML styles is that they consist only of ____, and therefore are displayed in just about all browsers, including Internet Explorer 7.0 and earlier versions.
font tags
____ links defines the style of a link to a Web site that you have visited.
The chapter recommended you do all of the following EXCEPT ____ when designing your template page.
include as little content as possible
A CSS style rule contains two parts. One is the ____, which is the name of the style
Which of the following is not true?
You can link an external style sheet to any number of Web pages.
To detach a page from a template, click Modify on the ____ bar, point to Templates, and then click Detach from Template on the Templates submenu.
____ links defines the style of a clicked link
In order to include an image placeholder, as shown as "add_im..." in the accompanying figure, you would click ____ on the Application bar, point to Image Objects, and then point to Image Placeholder.
An example of a(n) ____ is h2 (defining the HTML h2 tag).
The advantages of style sheets include ____.
all of the above
In the accompanying figure, <table> is selected in the tag selector area. The entry "spotlight" is the ____.
table name
When the tag style option is selected in the New CSS Rule dialog box, the Tag pop-up menu provides a selection of over 90 ____ tags listed in alphabetical order.
A style is a rule describing how a specific object is formatted. A ____ is a file that contains a collection of these rules or styles
style sheet
To remove a style from an element on a Web page, select the element and then click the ____ CSS Rule button in the CSS Styles panel shown in the accompanying figure.
Dreamweaver makes it easy to add style attributes to the style sheet. This is done through the CSS ____ dialog box.
rule definition box
When the first template for a Web site is saved, Dreamweaver saves the template with a ____ extension.
Press the ____ key to refresh the page.
A CSS style rule contains two parts. One is the ____, which defines the style elements.
____ Tables mode provides extra cells spacing and cell padding so you can select items in tables or precisely place the insertion point.
When you apply the first style to a document, a Document window with a ____ extension opens behind the original Document window containing the code for the applied styles.
A ____ style is a style you can create and name, in which you specify all the attributes you want the style to include.
When the ____ button is selected, you can view the CSS rules that relate to the currently selected element.
All of the following are Target options except ____.
Any Web page in a Web site can access a common set of properties by linking to the same ____ style sheet.
When the ____ button is selected, the panel displays CSS rules that relate to the full document.
The CSS Style Type Property called ____ adds an underline, overline, or line-through to the text, or makes the text blink.
text decoration
An example of a(n) ____ is 24 pt Courier.
As shown in the accompanying figure, the ____ CSS Rule button removes the selected style from the CSS Styles panel, and removes the formatting from any element to which it was applied.
The CSS Style Type Property called ____ capitalizes the first letter of each word in the selection or sets the text to all uppercase or lowercase.
text transform
The ____ command, which is accessed through the Modify menu, lets you align elements to their left, right, top, or bottom edges.
You can create a hotspot on an image map to link to ____.
all of the above
When you insert an AP element, a code marker appears in the document window. This small ____ square indicates that an AP element is on the page.
The Visibility column uses ____ icons.
When you draw the AP element in the document window, a ____ image appears, representing the element.
Use the ____ Hotspot Tool to create a rectangular-shaped hotspot.
A(n) ____ map is an image that has one or more hotspots placed on top of it.
The ____ object inserts the current date in a format of your preference and provides the option of updating the date (with or without the time) whenever you save the file.
On the AP Div Property inspector, L and T specifies the position of the element's top-left corner relative to the top-left corner of the page, or the top-left corner of the ____ element if the element is nested.
Dreamweaver contains two standard ____ designed expressly for working with AP Elements.
To create a nested element, draw the element inside an existing element while holding down the ____ key.
Referring to the accompanying figure, the W and H properties are currently set to pixels. You can also use _____ as unit measures.
both a and b ---pixels, cm, inches and p.....
An AP element is a container that holds other types of content, such as ____.
all of the above
The x- and y-coordinates correspond to the AP element's top and ____ positions within the page.
To resize an AP element one pixel at a time, hold down the ____ key while pressing an arrow key.
The ____ name and the hotspot tools allow you to label and create a client-side image map.
Use the AP Elements panel to ____.
all of the above
On the AP Div Property inspector, the CSS-P Element ID assigns a unique name to identify the element in the ____.
both a and b
not just AP elements panel
To align two or more elements, you first must select the elements. To select multiple elements in the AP Elements panel, you select one element, hold down the ____ key, and then click the other elements you want to align.
To include a server-side image map in a document, you must write the appropriate HTML code in ____.
code view
The default number of steps that can be undone in the History panel is ____.
Referring to the accompanying figure, the Vis property is set to Default. In order to use the visibility property of the element's parent, you would change this setting to ____.
The number of steps that can be undone by the History panel can be increased in the ____ dihttp://quizlet.com/15001361/edit/#add-rowalog box
The code for client-side maps is stored as part of the Web page ____ code.
Use the ____ Hotspot Tool to define an oval or circular hotspot area.
In the Z-Index column, elements are displayed in order of their ____.
z index values
The default name for AP elements is ____, and so on.
apDiv1, apDiv2
Control the absolute positioning of AP elements on a Web page by setting five attributes:
Left, Top, Width, Height, and ____.
Z index
The default action is ____.
If you find yourself repeating or needing to undo or redo a step or steps, you can use Dreamweaver's ____ panel to undo one step or multiple steps at one time.
The action ____ initiates whatever action is associated with the event when the object is double-clicked.
Referring to the accompanying figure, if you wanted to specify that the extra overflow content is not displayed in the browser, you would set the Overflow property to ___
Press ____ to collapse the AP Elements panel group
Use Dreamweaver ____ to allow visitors to interact with a Web page. Simply specify
the action and the event that triggers that action.
A Web server interprets the code or ____ for server-side maps.
map data
When multiple elements are selected, the handles of the last selected element are highlighted in ____.
The difference between the <div> and <span> tags is that browsers that do not support AP elements place extra line breaks before and after the ____ tag.
Although absolute positioning is the more widely used CSS positioning method, ____ methods are also available.
static and relative
When a user clicks a hotspot, an assigned ____ occurs.
AP elements are positioned using a standard ____ system, similar to what you would use to create a graph on graph paper.
both a and b