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the one way ticket


the round-trip ticket


the inn

l'aubergede jeunesse

the youth hostel

les bagages

the luggage

la carte de credit

the credit card

le cheque de voyage

the travelers chec

la consigne

the check-room, luggage lockers

faire du tourisme

to sightsee

le passeport

the passport

le passerport en regle

the valid passport

passer la douane

to go through custums

le paysage

the scenery

se renseigner sur

to get information about

la station balneaire

the seaside resort

la station de ski

the ski resort

le train a grande vitesse

the french fast train

le vol

the flight

le vol complet

the full flight


to trvel

voyager dans le monde entier

to travel all over the world

voyager leger

to travel light


the highway

le carrefour

the intersection

la carte routiere

the road map

le coffre

the trunk

la contravention

the ticket


to pass

etre en panne

to break down

faire le plein d'essense

to fill up with gas

le feu rouge

the red light


to use the breaks

garer la voiture

to park the car


to hok the horn

le panneau

the road sign

le permis de conduire

the drivers license


to slow down


to go, travel alon

la bonne route

the right road

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