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Lief Erickson
first European in North America
to find shorter trade routes
why Explorers first sailed the ocean
the country that Columbus represented on his expedition
Japan, India, China
3 countries that made up the Far East
Silk Road
Name of the route that had been used by Europeans for centuries to get to the Far East before it was taken over by Muslims
Jean Ribault
established the first French forts (Charles Fort and Fort Caroline) in the New World
Pedro Menendez
explorer was sent to the New World by the Spanish to drive out the French - killing Jean Ribault and burning down his fort in the process
he was looking for gold
Why Hernando de Soto explore much of Georgia
he died from sickness by the Mississippi River
this happened to Hernando de Soto while exploring the Americas
thousands died from diseases that were spread
How de Soto's march through Georgia changed the lives and culture of Native Americans
convert the Indians to Catholicism
purpose of the missions located on Georgia's barrier islands
pirate raids, some Natives resettled in other areas, other Native tribes were encouraged by the British to attack missions
reasons for the decline of Spanish missions
MAIN reason the Spanish explored the New World
first permanent British settlement in the New World
main crop cultivated in Jamestown
Fort King George
first British fort constructed in Georgia
trade policy designed to make a country wealthy by selling more than it buys
Indentured servants are working off debts for a period of time; slaves are slaves for life
difference between indentured servants and slaves
geographical region of Georgia characterized by red clay, gently sloping hills, and a location near the Fall Line
prehistoric period that was the first to use pottery, eat shellfish, and use the grooved axe
oldest known Native American culture in North America
horticulture (they began to cultivate their own crops)
factor that resulted in prehistoric Indians making permanent settlements
prehistoric culture that developed the bow and arrow
prehistoric period that saw the building of villages with large, temple mounds and impressive ceremonial buildings