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  1. contrite
  2. mellifluous
  3. virulent
  4. prevaricate
  5. farcical
  1. a to deviate from the truth
  2. b absurd; ludicrous
  3. c extremely poisonous; full of hate
  4. d sweetly flowing
  5. e admitting or feeling guilt

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  1. different; various
  2. relating to the surface; shallow
  3. formed long ago; primitive
  4. to dry out
  5. taking a lot or too much

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  1. maudlinclear; easy to understand


  2. contemptuousexpressing disdain; showing a lack of respect


  3. vibrantextremely poisonous; full of hate


  4. lucidclear; easy to understand


  5. provincialformed long ago; primitive


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