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  1. In works with ____, the lines are completed by the viewer.
  2. In Welcome the World Famous Brand, the Luo Brothers portray an overcrowded composition which emphasizes ____.
  3. Which classic early color film depicted real life in black and white and imaginary life in expressionistic color?
  4. Richard Morris Hunt's Griswold House, built in 1863, was designed in the short-lived ____ style. Its exterior treatment resembled an assemblage of matchsticks with many turrets, gables, and dormers.
  5. Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother is a touching photograph taken during the period of ____.
  1. a implied line
  2. b convergence of consumerism and glabalism
  3. c stick
  4. d The Great Depression
  5. e Wizard of Oz

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  1. cantilevered decks
  2. land art
  3. murals
  4. Buckminster Fuller, geodistic dome
  5. his breath

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  1. A(n) ____ magnifies faraway objects and collapses the spaces between ordinarily distant objects.shapes


  2. Whether conscious of the mathematical basis of ancient Greek architectural designs or not, Michelangelo utilized their components when he painted the ____.carving


  3. Ralph Going's Rock Ola is a contradiction of what we normally consider when we think of a watercolor on paper because the work is considered to be ____.appropriation art


  4. One of the best preserved ancient Roman aqueduct systems is the ____ near Nimes, France. The ____ of the limestone blocks allowed for the weight of three tiers of arches.tempera


  5. Suzanne Valadon's Adam and Eve subverts ____.imply movement and directionality