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  1. Leonardo da Vinci's Proportion of the Human Figure can best be considered an example of ____.
  2. Intaglio prints are made from ____ into which lines have been incised.
  3. In works with ____, the lines are completed by the viewer.
  4. In both tempera and oil painting, the surface of the wood or canvas is covered with a ground of powdered chalk or plaster and animal glue known as ____.
  5. Helen Oji's Mount St. Helen's is an opaque impasto composition in the shape of a(n) ____.
  1. a Japanese kimono
  2. b gesso
  3. c metal plates
  4. d implied line
  5. e bilateral symmetry

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  1. impasto
  2. buon fresco, lime plaster
  3. patchwork quilt
  4. carving
  5. crumpled brown paper and string

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  1. Andy Goldsworthy's Ice Star was produced using is a painstaking and time consuming procedure


  2. The female image in Red Coat by Alex Katz is most reminiscent of a ____.supermodel icon


  3. What civilization was obsessed with its idea of beauty, and developed mathematical formulas for sculpting the human body so it would achieve ideal perfection?Classical Greeks


  4. ____, in which parallel lines converge at one or more vantage points on the horizon to create the illusion of depth, was highly refined by ____ artists.Linear perspective, Renaissance


  5. Pen and ink are used to create drawings, such as Jean Dubuffet's Garden, that are essentially ____.linear