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  1. The word photography is derived from Greek roots that mean ____.
  2. Woodcuts make use of the flat surface of wooden boards, but wood engravings use the end sections of the boards, yielding a ____ surface.
  3. After the daguerreotype, the next major advance in the history of photography was the development of the ____ process, an example of which is Young Lady with an Umbrella.
  4. A monotype differs from all other printmaking techniques because ____.
  5. William Wegman's Blue Period is a canine spoof on ____.
  1. a Picasso's Old Guitarist
  2. b hard, non-directional surface
  3. c it only yields a single, unique image
  4. d to write with light
  5. e autochrome

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  1. soft velvety lines
  2. imply movement and directionality
  3. public art
  4. in or for one location
  5. prefabricated

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  1. In art, ____ refers to the distribution of the actual or apparent weight of the compositional elements.balance


  2. Janine Antoni's 600-pound cube, titled Gnaw, is made of ____ and sculpted by ____.Picasso's Old Guitarist


  3. Zhao Xiaomo's Family by the Lotus Pond is a(n) ____. The areas that were not meant to be printed were carved out ____ the surface of the wood.woodcut, below


  4. Light against dark or dark against light create visual differences in ____.value


  5. Sherry Levine's Fountains after Duchamp pays homage to Marcel Duchamp's original Dada "readymade" and is a classic example of ____.The Great Depression