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  1. The ____ shape of an artistic composition is considered the background.
  2. The painful realism of Kiki Smith's figures, complete with body parts and bodily fluids, was likely influenced by her career as a(n) ____.
  3. In Paul Landacre's Growing Corn, we see a good example of the ____ that can be obtained from the skillful use of wood engraving.
  4. The Incan fortress of Machu Picchu is considered to be ____ construction, as it was built without any mortar.
  5. Michelangelo's The Cross-Legged Captive is an example of ____ sculpture.
  1. a emergency medical technician
  2. b precise lines and tonal gradations
  3. c negative
  4. d dry mortar
  5. e subtractive

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  1. southern shack dwellers
  2. isolation
  3. color reversal
  4. form follows function
  5. carving

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  1. Michelangelo's Studies for the Libyan Sybil is a good example of a drawing that was meant to be used preparatory study for another project


  2. The word photography is derived from Greek roots that mean write with light


  3. Which of the following is central to Peter Eisenman's Holocaust Memorial in Berlin?a sense of loss and absence


  4. The compositional unity in Thomas Hart Benton's Palisades derives primarily from ____.curvilinear shapes and lines


  5. When you look at a(n) ____ painting, your eyes are manipulated to see rippling movement and afterimages.Big bambu