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  1. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tinted their sculptures with ____ to give them a lifelike appearance.
  2. Unlike pure, bilateral symmetry, ____ provides variety within an overall unified composition.
  3. From the Latin for "blood," ____ is the name associated with an earthy red chalk color.
  4. African-American artist Faith Ringgold records the story of her life and dreams on a Harlem rooftop. Her painted memories are depicted within the framework of a(n) ____.
  5. Edward Steichen's ____, taken in 1906, is one of the foremost early examples of the photograph as a work of art.
  1. a Flat-iron building Evening
  2. b encaustic
  3. c patchwork quilt
  4. d sanguine
  5. e approximate symmetry

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  1. color and shape repetition
  2. gilding
  3. crumpled brown paper and string
  4. abstraction
  5. cave walls

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  1. After the daguerreotype, the next major advance in the history of photography was the development of the ____ process, an example of which is Young Lady with an Umbrella.autochrome


  2. In creating his Christ Crucified between Two Thieves, Rembrandt used a drypoint needle in order to create ____.prompt the viewer to think and think again


  3. ____ artists are masters of the brush-and-ink medium. They have used it for centuries for all types of ____.Japanese, calligraphy


  4. George Five Open Squares Gyratory is an example of a ____.imply movement and directionality


  5. William Wegman's Blue Period is a canine spoof on ____.kinetic sculpture


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