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  1. Michelangelo's Studies for the Libyan Sybil is a good example of a drawing that was meant to be used ____.
  2. In recent years, artists have produced ____ sculptures by welding, riveting, and soldering.
  3. Claes Oldenburg's Soft Toilet elevates an everyday object to a work of art and forces us to rethink its function in society. This is an example of ____.
  4. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is best known for her extremely realistic and often anguished ____.
  5. The use of space and atmosphere in Max Beckmann's The Dream could be best described as ____.
  1. a as preparatory study for another project
  2. b direct metal
  3. c self-portraits
  4. d claustrophobic and compressed
  5. e pop art

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  1. mosaic serpent by Gaudi
  2. bilateral symmetry
  3. one-eighth
  4. public art
  5. assemblages

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  1. Helen Oji's Mount St. Helen's is an opaque impasto composition in the shape of a(n) ____.pop art


  2. In the ____ process, the artist creates clean-cut lines on a plate of copper, zinc, or steel by forcing a sharp burin across the surface with the heel of the hand.subtractive


  3. The Synthetic Cubists were the first to create papiers coll├ęs, or collages, in the early 20th century. The two major figures of this movement were ____.metal plates


  4. In art, ____ refers to the distribution of the actual or apparent weight of the compositional elements.balance


  5. After meeting Ms. Mary Lou Furcron, African American artist Beverly Buchanan's life and art have focused on ____, as seen in Henriette's Yard.southern shack dwellers