Sadler-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H 6

20 terms by jessizabeth

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adj) failing to accomplish an intended aim or purpose; imperfectly developed; premature [successful]


v) to spread news or unsubstantial rumors; broadcast, blazon [conceal]


adj) insolent or rude; insultingly abusive; scurrilous, vituperative [commendatory]


n) a short saying; an authoritative statement; maxim, aphorism, axiom


v) to settle comfortably or firmly in position; put/hide in safe place; nestle, lodge [displace]


adj) attacking/seeking to overthrow popular beliefs; irreverent, heretical [orthodox]

in medias res

adv) into the middle of things


adj) mutually destructive; characterized by great slaughter/bloodshed; murderous, savage [peaceful]


adj) lacking in skill, dexterity, tact, perception, or judgement; inept, awkward, clumsy [dexterous]


adj) excessively or effusively sentimental; mushy, mawkish


v) to change or vary in intensity/pitch; to regulate or adjust; adapt, moderate


adj) foreshadowing an event to come; self-consciously weighty, pompous; foreboding, ominous, pretentious [propitious, encouraging]


knowledge of events or actions before they happen; foresight, foreknowledge [hindsight]

quid pro quo

n) something given in exchange or return for something else; swap, trade


adj) conducive to health or well-being; wholesome; beneficial [harmful]


adj) characterized by rioutous or unrestrained revelry or licentiousness; dissipated, debauched, orgiastic [sedate, decorous]


n) a means of testing worth or genuineness; criterion, benchmark


adj) so shocking to the emotions as to cause lasting and substantial psychological damage; jolting [soothing]


v) to weaken, debase, or corrupt; impair the quality of; degrade, undermine [fortify]


adj) fond of making jokes, characteristic of a joker; whimsical, jocular [dour]

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