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this nation's capitalist economy

A Marxist analysis of U.S. culture suggests that our competitive and individualistic values reflect


True or False: Japan is more multicultural than the United States

a perspective recognizing the cultural diversity of the United States and promoting equality of all cultural traditions.

Multiculturalism is defined as

People see the world through the cultural lens of their language.

Which of the following MOST closely conveys the point of the Sapir-Whorf thesis


True or False: Afrocentrism refers to the dominance of European cultural patterns.

high culture.

If you were to attend a New York Ballet performance you would be experiencing


Standards by which people who share culture define what is desirable, good, and beautiful are called,


True or False: The Amish way of life accepts most of the U.S.'s popular culture.


True or False: Karl Marx argued that a society's economic system was shaped by its value system

belief in a heavenly afterlife

George Murdock pointed to many cultural universals. Which of the following is NOT an example of a cultural universal


T or F: Compared to cultures around the world the way of life in the United States emphasizes individualism

People see the world through the cultural lens of their language.

Which of the following MOST closely conveys the point of the Sapir-Whorf thesis?


T or F: Cultural transmission cannot take place unless people have a written Language


T or F: The Census Bureau reports that only ten different languages are spoken in the United States.

people creating diverse cultural systems.

Looking all around the world what we find everywhere are


T or F: Subculture is more at odds with dominant culture than counterculture.


T or F: Most people in the United States share the value that everyone should not only have equality of opportunity but also equality in all aspects of social standing

judging another culture using the standards of your own culture.

Ethnocentrism refers to


T or F: The emergence of computer-based instant messaging shows how new symbols are being created all the time

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