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T or F: Childhood and other stages of the life course are defined similarly in all societies.

lets children escape the direct supervision of parents.

The special importance of the peer group is the fact that it


Our basic drives or needs as humans are reflected in Freud's concept of the


T or F: The Harlow studies found that six months of social isolation was sufficient to permanently damage infant rhesus monkeys.


T or F: What we know about the later lives of socially isolated children supports the findings of the Harlow's research.


T or F: George Herbert Mead used the concept "the looking-glass self" to refer to significant people in our lives.

people see themselves as they think others see them.

When Cooley used the concept of the "looking-glass self" he claimed that

is an orderly transition involving specific stages.

In her research Elisabeth Kübler-Ross found that death


T or F: The tragic case of Anna shows that without adequate nutrition a human being cannot develop a personality or self.


T or F: Schools provide most children with their first experience of bureaucracy.


T or F: Even years of social isolation during infancy in humans does not cause permanent and irreversible developmental damage.


T or F: A college is a good example of a total institution.


T or F: The "id" in Freud's work represents the human being's basic drives which are unconscious and demand immediate satisfaction.


T or F: Psychologist John B. Watson claimed that specific patterns of human behavior are not instinctive but learned.


T or F: Ageism tends to be a problem in industrialized societies.

cognition, or how people think and understand.

Jean Piaget's focus was on

needs to be told what he should draw during free art time.

On the basis of Melvin Kohn's study of what parents expect of their children high-income parents are likely to be MOST concerned when their child


T or F: Schools provide most children with their first experience of bureaucracy.


T or F: According to Kübler-Ross a person first reacts to the prospect of dying with denial.

sensorimotor stage

According to Piaget in what stage of human development do individuals experience the world only through sensory contact?


T or F: Mead's concepts of the "I" and the "me" are close parallels of Freud's concepts of the id and the superego.

preoperational stage

For Jean Piaget at which stage of development do individuals first use language and other cultural symbols?


T or F: Erik H. Erikson emphasized that almost all important socialization takes place during childhood.

imitation, play, game, generalized other

In Mead's model which sequence correctly orders stages of the developing self?


T or F: During adolescence the family's influence on children virtually ceases.

significant others.

According to Mead children learn to take the role of the other as they model themselves on important people in their lives such as parents. Mead referred to these people as


T or F: Anticipatory socialization refers to trying to avoid unpleasant social experiences.


T or F: While many researchers have studied outward behavior George Herbert Mead focused on symbolic meaning-specifically the meaning people attach to behavior.

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