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Thea Final

Who wrote the Tragical History of Doctor Faustus?
Christopher Marlowe
Which play did Samuel Beckett NOT write?
_____________ was the first "book musical."
The Alienation effect is associated with which type of theatre style:
Epic theater
____________was primarily interested in the subconscious/dream world.
. ____________ sought to replace the specific and concrete with the suggestive and metaphorical.
Which actor/director gave birth to modern acting principles?
Constantin Stanislavski
___________ and _____________ worked with the Moscow Art Theatre:
Chekhov and Stanislavski
Who is often called the "Father of Realism"?
Henrik Ibsen
Darwin's Origin of Species, Freud's ideas about psychoanalysis, and Marx's ideas about socialism greatly influenced the birth of which theatre movement?
. Lope de Vega and Calderon were writers from:
The Spanish Golden Age
What types of ideas were the neoclassicists of the Italian Renaissance interested in?
A- That plays should observe verisimilitude and decorum B- Theatre for instruction, not just pleasure C- Aristotle's theories from the Poetics
12. Who invented the proscenium arch and perspective scenery?
. Kathakali Theatre originated in
9. Which type of theatre did NOT come from Japan:
The Oresteia is....
The only surviving trilogy
Which elements are characteristic of early Greek tragedies:
A- Actors wore masks C- Plays were often based on ancient myths about the gods
In the Greek Dionysian festivals the grouping of tragedies were often followed by what type of comedic play?
Satyr Plays
. In the Dionysian festivals the Greek tragedies were performed in groups of:
What is the Dramatists Guild?
D- A union for playwrights that protects their work
A dramaturg is:
A specialist in dramatic literature and theatre history
When a playwright is receiving a commission it means that he or she is:
Getting paid to write a translation/adaptation/ or new play
A playwright's work is released into the public domain after he/she has been dead for ________ years
20- The performers of commedia dell'arte specialized in this type of comedy:
What is hamartia?
The protagonists' flaw or mistake
14- The term "poetic justice" is often used when describing which genre?
12- In the past, which genre of plays was written about people of noble birth?
- Another word for "falling action" is:
A cliff-hanger...
stops at the climax
The inciting incident:
The event that destroys balance and sets the conflict in motion
_________________ is the back story of the characters or situation that the playwright gives during the play to set up the plot of the play.
The fly system would typically be located:
in the wings
Nonprofit theatres can be ___________ but are never _____________
Professional, Commercial
____is meant to earn a profit for investors
.Commercial Theatre
Which ancient Greek philosopher believed that in theatre mankind should be shown as he is, rather than as he should be?
Which type of theatre space is quickly becoming more popular due to its smaller, flexible, more intimate set up?
Black box
In a typical thrust space, audience members are seated on ______ sides of the stage.
Which ancient Greek philosopher believed that society would be better off without theatre?
What is catharsis?
The process of purging certain emotions such as pity and fear when watching a play
What idea is reader-response theory most concerned with?
That the audience adds as much meaning to the production as the author does
__________ is your intuitive response, your subjective experience of what is being communicated on stage.
Which element was not included in Aristotle's Poetics?
Aristotle said drama was comprised of how many elements?