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Her refusal to discuss even the possibility of a compromise convinced me that i was faced with a(n) ________ opponent.


I enjoy his jokes, but he ought to bear in mind that there are certain standards of ________ to be observed at graduation.


American law prohibits police from arresting and holding suspects in any type of ________ without formally charging them.


If only he could match his ________ on the playing field with a high level of excellence in the classroom,


The player's chronic shoulder injury ________ against his plan to extended his baseball career for another season.


How can you expect them to concern thenselves with your own problems when they are so ________ with troubles of their own?


The "monster" that frightened you so much during the hike last week was just a(n) ________ water snake.


Centuries-old ethnic ________ have more than once led to bloody conflict in the Balkans.


We could hear the quarterback's ________ signals even above the roar of the crowd.


Although the artist's latest work was acclaimed by the critics, it seemed to be to be no more than a(n) ________ of a cardboard cereal box.


I am well on the road to becoming a millionaire because i have just been awarded the ________ for an automatic homework machine.


How quickly their ________ holiday mood became quiet and sober when they had to return to work on Monday.


If the contract is framed by a good lawyer will ________ exactly when, where, and how much payment is to be made.


The landlords ________ was simple and direct: Pay the rent increase or get out.


During the long summer afternoons, we used to sit on the shaded veranda ________ iced drinks and talking about life.


He has his shortcomings, but compared with his great services to his community and nation, they seem all but ________.


I was amazed to see how a few years had transformed an unruly and mischievous child into a well-bred, ________ young adult.


The reference material you have given me is interesting, but most of it is not ________ to my term paper.


Her chief ________ both in business and in social life are her keen intelligence and pleasant manner.


Dr. Albert Schweitzer had not only great scientific ability but also a deep sense of ________ for suffering humanity.

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