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Explorers for 5th grade History


One of the largest and richest empires to rule South America.

Johannes Gutenberg

He invents a new way to print books.


Who captured the important trading city, Constantinople, giving them control of the Middle East and closing the trade routes to Asia.

Prince Henry the Navigator

He started a school for training sailors in navigation which also helpe improve two important navigation tools: astrolabe and the compass.

Christoper Columbus

He sailed west from Spain to the Americas looking for a water passage to Asia.

Ferdinand Magellan

Who was the leader of the first expedition to sail around the world.


What is an agreement between nations about peace, trade, or other matters


Who helped Hernando Cortes fight the Aztecs since they were unhappy with Aztec rule?

Hernando DeSoto

Who was the first person to lead the expedition of the first Europeans to see the Mississippi River?

European Explorers

Who searched for Northwest Passage to find a route to Asia.

Ponce de Leon

Who is the person who claimed Florida for Spain while he was looking for the Fountain of Youth?

Ahmad Ibn Majid

was a navigator who helped da Gama sail around the Cape of Good Hope to India?

Marco Polo

Who traveled with his father and uncle into China and the Indies?


Who asked his people to stop fighting Cortes's forces?

Henry Hudson

Who claimed the Hudson River valley for the Dutch?

storms, starvation, sickness,

What Dangers did the explorers face in the 1400s?

To find trade routes like the Northwest Passage

What was the main reason for exploration in 1400s?

Incas, Aztecs, Turks

What people created empires?

new trade routes, build empire, goods to trade

What did Portugal hope to gain with exploration?

expand knowledgeof the world, build empire, find spices and riches, expand Christianity

What did Spain hope to gain with exploration?

Everything Spain wanted plus gold and silver

What did England hope to gain with expoloration?

larger empire, spices and riches, expand Christianity, animal furs

What did France hope to gain with exploration?

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