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a new workbook opens with
Three sheets
when identifying a cell
column letter first, row number second
mode indicators
on the status bar, this specifies the current mode of Excel, such as Enter or Ready
Tab split box
a button on excel that allows you to increase or decrease the view of sheet tabs
Mini toolbar
A drop-down menu that automatically appears when you click inside a text box or highlight text. This toolbar lets you format and manipulate text even if the top menu ribbon is hidden.
When text is longer than the width of a column,
Excel displays the overflow characters in adjacent cells to the right.
Text entered in a cell CAN be realigned?
When the fill handle is used to copy a cell to adjacent cells, the range of cells receiving the copy is called the
destination area or paste area.
In Excel, the function used to calculate the total of the arguments.
If each cell in a selected range is next to a row of numbers, Excel assigns the SUM function to each cell in the
selected range when the Sum button is clicked.
If you save a workbook and then quit Excel, all Excel windows ...
To use the Name box to select any cell, click the
Name box and enter the cell reference of the cell you want to select.
Autocalculate area
can be used in place of a calculator or formula to view the sum, average, or other types of totals of a group of numbers on the worksheet
In this default mode, when you enter new text in front of existing text, the existing text shifts to the right to make room for the new text.
In Insert mode, Excel replaces the character to the right of the insertion point with the character typed. T OR F?
Overtype mode
The method of operation used to replace existing text in a document with new text.
Smart tag indicator
a small purple triangle in a cell that indicates that a smart tag is available
point mode
allows you to select cells for use in a formula by using the mouse
Excel has over _____ funcations
Range finder
What tool do you use to check which cells are referenced in formulas that are assigned to the active cell?
currency button
formats the number with the default Accounting format using the U.S. dollar sign; it applies thousand comma separator where appropriate, inserts a fixed U.S. dollar sign aligned at the left edge of the cell, applies two decimal places, applies two decimal places, and leaves a small amount of space at the right edge for the cell to accommodate a paranthesis for negative numbers.
Studies have shown that more than 25 percent of all business worksheets have
Decrease indent button
decreases indentation one character of space for each click
Location: Home tab, Alignment group
EX 73)
What message does Excel display to indicate a cell reference error?
When a number is entered with a format symbol, Excel immediately
displays it with the assigned format
worksheet titles is a useful technique for
viewing large worksheets that extend beyond the window.
The NOW function is a
date and time function.
The horizontal and vertical lines on the worksheet are called ______ and make it easier to see and identify each cell.
You view the portion of the worksheet displayed on the screen through a(n)
worksheet Window
The __________ presents information about the worksheet, the function of the button the mouse pointer is pointing to, or the mode of Excel.
status bar
As you type, Excel displays the entry in the __________, and also displays the active cell reference in the Name box on the left.
formula bar
In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyphen (as in a telephone number), or space is considered __________.
Excel's __________ feature is used to correct common mistakes made during text entry.
A(n) __________ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or rectangular group or cells.
When cell references are copied, each cell reference that Excel automatically adjusts for the new position is called a __________.
relative reference
A saved workbook is referred to as a __________.
You __________ a worksheet to emphasize certain entries, change the font size, add color to areas, and make the worksheet easier to read and understand.
The __________ specifies the size of the characters on the screen and is gauged by a measurement system called points. A single point is about 1/72 of one inch in height.
font size
The opposite of cell merging is cell __________, which is done by selecting a merged cell and clicking the Merge and Center button.
Excel remembers the last 100 actions you have completed. Thus, you can undo up to 100 previous actions by clicking the __________ button arrow to display the Undo list and then clicking the action to be undone.
As you are clearing cell entries, always remember that you should never press the __________ to clear a cell.
You can activate Excel Help by clicking the __________ button.
Excel Help
The ____________________ preceding a formula is important because it alerts Excel that a formula or function is being entered and not text.
Equal sign
Excel places a small purple triangle, called a ______________, in a cell to indicate that a smart tag is available.
Smart tag indicator
A blank cell in Excel has a numerical value of ____________________.
The values used with a function are called ____________________.
The ____________________ function sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of non-zero cells in the range
The ____________________ function displays the highest value in a range.
The _______________ function determines the lowest value in a range.
The ____________________ inserts a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point and causes numbers to be displayed to the nearest hundredths.
Comma style format
A ____________________ is a dollar sign that appears immediately to the left of the first digit in a cell with no spaces.
Floating Dollar Sign
Formatting that appears only when the value in a cell meets specified conditions is called ____________________.
Conditional Formatting
A ____________________ is defined as a letter, number, symbol, or punctuation mark in the default font used by Excel.
A(n) ____________________ is a dot on the screen that contains a color.
____________________ means that the width of a column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fit in the column.
best fit
____________________ is a technique that can be used to conceal data that might not be relevant to a particular report or sensitive data that others should not see.
Hiding Cells
To correct a word throughout a worksheet, click the ____________________ in the Spelling dialog box shown in the accompanying figure.
change all button
The ____________________ of a worksheet is the version that shows the results of the formulas entered, rather than the actual formulas.
Values Version
The ____________________ of a worksheet is the version that shows the actual formulas entered, rather than the resulting values.
formulas version
____________________ is the process of finding and correcting errors in a worksheet.
____________________ are values in cells that can be changed to determine new values for formulas.
The ____________________ is a special place in the computer's memory that allows you to collect text and graphic items from an Office document and then paste them into any Office document.
Office clipboard
You can ensure correctness in your ____________________ by carefully checking them using Range Finder.
The Formula Auditing group on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon also can be helpful when verifying ____________________.
Before creating a worksheet, you should have a good understanding of the ____________________ document.
When you first enter text, its angle is ____________________ degrees, and it reads from left to right in a cell.
The ____________________ Indent button decreases the indent by three spaces each time you click it.
A versatile method of copying a source area is to use the Copy button and Paste button on the Home tab on the ____________________.
Excel displays the message #REF! in a cell to indicate a cell reference___________________.
The dollar sign ($), comma (,), and percent sign (%) are called ____________________ symbols.
To freeze both column headings and row titles, select the cell that is the intersection of the column and row titles before you click the ____________________ button on the View tab on the Ribbon.
Freeze Panes
A simple way to create a date stamp is to use the ____________________ function to enter the system date tracked by your computer in a cell in the worksheet.
The ______function is useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test.
AND, OR, and NOT are called ____________________ operators.
Viewing the ____________________ version of the worksheet allows you to check the formulas assigned to the range.
A(n) ____________________ message always begins with a number (#) sign.
In accounting, ____________________ numbers often are shown with parentheses surrounding the value
Using the ____________________ button on the Ribbon, you can format a cell quickly by copying a cell's format to another cell or a range of cells.
format painter
Use a(n) ____________________ chart to show the relationship or proportion of parts to a whole
A sensitivity analysis is another name for a(n) ____________________.
what if analysis