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  1. Reperesents the difference between the number of valence elctrons surround the atom in the species involved the the reaction and the number present inthe atom's uncombinded form
  2. reduced
  3. Reactions that releases heat to their surroundings
  4. a compound breaks apart into two or more products
  5. The ration of the mass of a substance to its volume (D=m/v)
  1. a Density
  2. b Reactant gains electrons (becomes more negative)
  3. c Decomposition Reaction Ex. C -->A+B
  4. d Oxidation number
  5. e Exothermic Reactions

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  1. when two substances, usually in their elemental forms, combine to form a compound.
  2. the more electronegative atom
  3. electronegativity
  4. intensive properties
  5. +1

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  1. What is the second electronegative element?Oxygen


  2. What is the oxidation number of free elements? Ex. Ne, Br2, S8zero


  3. When does oxygen usually have a -2 charge?Fluorine


  4. What properties depend on the quantity of the sample? Ex. height, weight, mass and sizeextensive properties


  5. What is the unit used to express the density of a liquid?g/cm3