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  1. Reactions that releases heat to their surroundings
  2. reduced
  3. the tendency of an atom in a bond to attract shared electrons
  4. What are the exceptions for oxygens oxidation number not to be -2 but -1?
  5. What is the name of the mixture used in some commercially available diabetes test kits?
  1. a peroxides and superoxides
  2. b electronegativity
  3. c Benedict's reagent (Cu2+)
  4. d Reactant gains electrons (becomes more negative)
  5. e Exothermic Reactions

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  1. when two substances, usually in their elemental forms, combine to form a compound.
  2. intensive properties
  3. The net charge on the species
  4. Difference between mass of empty container and container plus sample
  5. the oxidized species

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  1. What is the menisus?One reactant loses electrons (becomes more positive))


  2. a slightly dissociate compound fromed from double displacement or double replacement reactionsPrecipitate


  3. uncombined form of one element displaces (and replaces) another element in a compound, forming a new compoundDouble Displacement or Double Replacement Reaction Ex. AB+CD=AD+CB


  4. The following changes indicate what? Gain electrons, compound decreases in oxygen, or compound increases in hydrogenreactants are reduced


  5. When does oxygen usually have a -2 charge?Oxidation-Reduction or Redox Reaction


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