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  1. Reactions that releases heat to their surroundings
  2. What must the oxidation number for a chemical species equal?
  3. What compound have the oxidation number of +3?
  4. ions from two different compounds change places to form two new compounds.
  5. uncombined form of one element displaces (and replaces) another element in a compound, forming a new compound
  1. a Aluminum and gallium
  2. b Exothermic Reactions
  3. c Double Displacement or Double Replacement Reaction Ex. AB+CD=AD+CB
  4. d The net charge on the species
  5. e Single Displacement or Single Replacement Reactions Ex. A+BC=AC+B

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  1. Oxidation number
  2. the more electronegative atom
  3. the reduced species
  4. electronegativity
  5. peroxides and superoxides

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  1. What properties depend on the quantity of the sample? Ex. height, weight, mass and sizeextensive properties


  2. What is the oxidation number of Gp VIIA elements in compound unless combined with a more negative element?-1


  3. In order to balance the net charge of an acid, what should be adde to the equation?H+ ions and H2O


  4. The reducing agent (provides electrons to the other species being reduced) is another name for?the oxidized species


  5. The ration of the mass of a substance to its volume (D=m/v)Density