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  1. In order to balance the net charge of an acid, what should be adde to the equation?
  2. What is the oxidation number of free elements? Ex. Ne, Br2, S8
  3. What is the most electronegative element?
  4. What is the oxidation number of hydrogen when combined with metals?
  5. When does combination, synthesis, or formation reactions occur?
  1. a H+ ions and H2O
  2. b when two substances, usually in their elemental forms, combine to form a compound.
  3. c Fluorine
  4. d zero
  5. e -1

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  1. peroxides and superoxides
  2. +1 and +2
  3. electronegativity
  4. reactants are oxidized
  5. the curved liquid surface on a graduated cylinder

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  1. The reducing agent (provides electrons to the other species being reduced) is another name for?the oxidized species


  2. What is the oxidation number of Gp VIIA elements in compound unless combined with a more negative element?-1


  3. a compound breaks apart into two or more productsDecomposition Reaction Ex. C -->A+B


  4. Reactions that releases heat to their surroundingsExothermic Reactions


  5. The following changes indicate what? Gain electrons, compound decreases in oxygen, or compound increases in hydrogenreactants are reduced