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  1. oxidized
  2. a compound breaks apart into two or more products
  3. How do you determine the volume of a sample?
  4. uncombined form of one element displaces (and replaces) another element in a compound, forming a new compound
  5. The following changes indicate what? Lose of electrons, compound increases in oxygen content, or compound decreases in hydrogen?
  1. a reactants are oxidized
  2. b Single Displacement or Single Replacement Reactions Ex. A+BC=AC+B
  3. c Decomposition Reaction Ex. C -->A+B
  4. d Difference between mass of empty container and container plus sample
  5. e One reactant loses electrons (becomes more positive))

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  1. when two substances, usually in their elemental forms, combine to form a compound.
  2. peroxides and superoxides
  3. g/mL
  4. the curved liquid surface on a graduated cylinder
  5. Reactant gains electrons (becomes more negative)

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  1. What compound have the oxidation number of +3?Aluminum and gallium


  2. What is the most electronegative element?Oxygen


  3. Are metals or nonmetals LESS electornegative?Metals


  4. What properties depend on the quantity of the sample? Ex. height, weight, mass and sizeintensive properties


  5. What electronegative element, combined with any other element has an oxidation number of -1Aluminum and gallium