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The power of the presidency has been cause for debate MANILY because

the Constitution provided a loose definition of executive power

Which of the following HAS NOT worked to strengthen the powers of the presidency?

The constitutional system of checks and balances

Which of the following statements about the President's power of removal true?

As a general rule, the President may remove any officeholders he or she has appointed.

The President's military powers

are shared with Congress

The President CANNOT exercise judicial power by

Granting pardons in cases of impeachment

Which of the fofllowing gives the President power to issue executive orders?

Congressional acts and the Constitution

The debate over the powers of the presidency is essentially a debate

Between supporters of a strong presidency and supporters of a weak presidency

Presidents who have been considered stronger and more effective leaders have viewed the presidency as

What Roosevelt called a "stewardship"

In essence, the ordinance power gives the president the right to

Administer laws

The difference between a treaty and an executive agreement is that

the President needs Senate approval for a treaty but not for an executive agreement

Upon receipt of a bill, the Pres can take all of the following actions EXCEPT

Call on a special session of congressional commitees to revise the bill

Which of the following is a typical sequence of events in the appointment process?

Nomination, Senate committee hearings, Senate debate, Rejection

The President's power to execute the law covers

All federal laws, whether or not the Pres agrees with them

The President has the power to make executive agreements...

Without any congressional action or approval

When Pres Andrew Johnson fired his secretary of war in1867, he was following what?

The unwritten rule that the Pres may remove anyone he appoints

The powerto issue executive orders is the what?

Ordinance power

The ______ appoints Cabinet members w/ ________ approval

President ; Senate

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the growth of executive power?

demands for limits on Federal Gov't roles

A Pres exercises legislative power over Congress by

recommending legislation

The President's power to grant pardons...

Can be used before a person is charged with a crime

Some Presidents, such as ___________, have taaken a narrow view of Presidential powers.

William Howard Taft

The Fed Gov't is considered a bureaucracy primarily because it....

Is a complex system of organization based on certain principles

Unlike staff agencies, line agencies...

Are directly responsible for administering programs

Which one of the following is an example of an independent agency?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The civil service system was finally established because of

Pres Garfield's assassination by an angry offce seeker

The civil service was created partly to ensure that fed employees...

are promoted based on merit

Which one of the following does NOT contribute to the Fed Gov'ts classification as a bureaucracy?

The gov't has three branches with checks and balances

Which of the following was one of the original executive departments set up by Congress in 1789?

Dept of Treasury

Which one of the following groups of advisors is NOT part of the executive office of the Pres?

General Service Administration, NASA, EPA

Which of the following is NOT a reason that independent agencies exist outside of Cabinet departments?

The Constitution specifically provided for the independent existence of some agencies

Historically, the role of the Cabinet in the Pres's decision making may be described as...

Dependent on a Pres's use of it

The MAIN goal of the civil service today is to...

recruit and keep the best available people in the federal work office

Which of the following are functions of employees working in the White House Office?

Advise the Pres on foreign, domestic, and defense matters

The members of the president's cabinet, after being appointed by the president, are then subject to...

Senate approval

The first reform that successfully laid the foundation for the present civil service system was...

the Pendleton Act

Which of the following is NOT one of the principles upon which all bureaucracies are organized?

merit system

The phrase 'name game' suggests that

titles of gov't units aren't standard

Which of the following best summarizes the MAIN purpose of the Executive Office of the Pres?

Helping the Pres carry out his or her duties as a chief executive

Some independent agencies are quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial in that they...

have certain powers, given to them by Congress,to make laws and rule on the conflicts

The administraive units in the gov't...

are inconsistently called agencies, admins, commissions, etc

Which statement about staff and line agencies is TRUE?

line agencies perform tasks and administer programs, while staff agencies furnish advice and gie assistance

Over time, the number of executive departments grew in large part because...

the workload of the fed gov't expanded as the country grew

Pres Jackson supported the spoils system with all of the following arguments except...

only privileged people should be selected to fulfill public office

The MAIN purpose of the National Security Council is to...

advise the Pres on all domestic, military and foreign aspects of the nation's security

Fed employees are permitted to do which of the following?

hold office in a political party

Which one of the following agencies is a part of the executive office of the Pres?

Office of Management and Budget

govt corporations are unlike private corporations in all of the following aspects except

the titles of those who run

All of the following statements about the Court of fed claims are true execpt..

decisions from the cfc cant be appealed

One weakness of the articles of confederation was that

it didn't provide for a nat'l judiciary

Which of the following Fed courts exercises both original and appellare jurisdiction?

The Supreme Court

Which of the following statements about fed judges is true?

They are appointed by the Pres and confirmed by Senate

Which fed court has original jurisdiction over MOST cases heard in federal court?

District court

Most importantly, the Supreme Court is called the High Court because it is the..

Last court in which fed questions can be decided

The court appeals for the Fed Circuit deffers from the other 12 fed courts because it..

hears cases from across the country

The purpose of the 12 fed courts of appeals include all of the following except...

to hear original cases that have bypassed lower courts

The term of office for constutional court judges is determined by...

the constitution

Which one of the following duties isn't performed by a US magistrate?

recording court proceedings

The US Tax Court hears

civil cases

The Supreme Court's decision in Marbury v Madison..

est the court's power of judicial review

Legal cases in the District of Columbia and the territories that belong to the US are settled in...

a separate system of courts for each territory and each district like those at the state and fed levels

Which statement about differences between constitutional courts and special courts is TRUE?

special courts hear a much narrower range of cases

the MOST important reason why the US needed as nat'l court sysren was that....

each state was interpreting laws for itself

Which of the following statements does not accurately describe fed district courts?

Like courts of appeals, they have the right to listen to appeals

Chief justice Charles Evans Hughes once said that the constitution 'means what the judge says it means'. He was defining the Supreme Court's...

power of judicial review

Jusdes of the constitutional courts are appointed

for life

The power of judicial review is held

by most fed and state courts

Which of the following statements about the supreme court is FALSE?

The SC onlu reads briefs; it doesn't hear oral arguments

the fed courts can hear and decide cases on the basis of...

the subject matter or people affected by the case

fed courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all the following types of cases EXCEPT cases involving

citizens of different states

the MOST accurate reason that the court of international trade is classified as a constitutional court rather than a special court is that

it exercises the broad judicial power of the US

some delegates believed the pres should be 'nothing more than an institution for carrying the will of the legislature into effect'. Had this group had their way, the only branch that would check the powers of the executive branch today would be...

the judicial branch

much of the growth of pres power has occured due to..

the way the pres interprets the law and the sheer number of laws that the pres must execute

the framers gave the senate the power to approve or reject a treaty because

they felt the house was too large to maintain secrecy

if the US becomed embroiled in an ill-fated military conflict abroad, which of the following is most likely to be held accountable?

the pres

the pres's power to make undeclared war has

been potentially limited by the war powers resolution of 1973

the sc's ruling with regard to the line item veto act was based on the notion that

the consitiution doesn't give congress the power to give the pres the line item veto

if 2 lower level workers in a bureaucracy can't agree on some apect of how the job is to be performed, they

must refer the matter to a higher authority

those fed employees who work most directly with the pres are part of

the white house office

if the coutry is sliding into an economic recession, the pres would be most likely to consult with..

the council of economic advisors

when choosing cabinet members, a pres generally

doesn't pick someone from the opposing party

cabinet members have 2 major jobs. in one, they are advisors, in the other, they are..


all of the following are true of independent agencies except...

most are independent of both the pres and the executive branch

the court that first hears a case is said to have

original jurisdiction

the list of cases to be heard by a court is called a


which of the following could be the subject of a criminal case tried in fed court?


which of the following is a true statement about a writ of certorari?

the sc grants cert in a limited number of instances

the appointment of which of the following doesn't require senate approval?

US magistrate

all of the following statements about the US tax court are true except

it hears both civil and criminal cases

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