Which of the following statements is consistent with the findings of Solomon Asch?
Many people are willing to compromise their own judgment to avoid being seen as different by others
Stanley Milgrams research in which subjects used a "shock generator" showed
ppl are surprisingly likely to follow orders of authority figures
Max weber noted many traits of bureaucracy. Which of the following is NOT one of them
Favoring family members over strangers
The emergency clerk who keeps a bleeding patient waiting while filling out lots of paperwork is an example of
bureaucratic ritulism
Which of these concepts was used by Robert Michels to refer to the rule of the many by the few
The idea behind scientific management is that
applying scientific principles can make a business more efficient
Using Robert Mertons strain theory how would you classify a low paid yet complulsively conforming bank teller who never seems to want to get ahead but ever seems to do anything wrong?
What concept did Erving Goffman use to refer to a powerful and negative label that greatly changes a persons self concept and social identity?
Travis Hirchis control theory suggests which of the following categories of ppl would be nost likely to engage in deviance?
youngsters who hang out waiting for something to happen
Using a Marxist approach, Steven Spitzer claims that prime targest for deviant labeling include:
people who take the property of others, ppl who dont work for a living and radicals who call for a basic change in society
Which of the following concepts refers to crime committed by persons of high social posistion in the cource of their occupations?
white collar crime
Organized crime refers to
any business that supplies illegal goods or services
At the lowest level of social stratification in ancient Japan were the:
burakumin or outcasts
According to Davis and Moore, a system of unequal rewards increases prodictivity by
encouraging ppl to want an important job, motivating ppl to work longer, harder and better, encouranging ppl to gain the schooling and skills needed to perform more important jobs
Who coined the phrase survival of the fittest?
Herbert Spencer
In Karl Marx's analysis, another name for the capitalist class is the
Which is NOT a reason given in the text that a socialist revolution never took place in vapitalist societies as Marx predicted?
Wealth is no longer concentrated in the hands of a few
Max Weber claimed that social posistion was based on a person's
economic class, degree of social status or prestige, and amount of power
To impress her friends, Laura wears an expensive dress to a party. A sociologist would say she is engaging in:
conspicious consumption
Based on what you have read, as the US develops a postindustrial economy, economics inequality has been