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Female sex cell


Male sex cell


The genetic information of animal- code that determines characteristics


The physical characteristic of an animal- determined by phenotype


Control traits in animals

Artificial Insemination

Semen collected from a male animal is deposited inside the female reproductive tract by a technician

Dominant Gene

Represented by captial letter

Recessive Gene

Represented by lower case letter

Contagious Disease

Disease that is spread by direct or indirect contact


Professional who cares for sick animals

Zoonotic Disease

A disease that can be passed from animal to human

Food Safety and Inspection Service

Protects the public's health from food safety issues

Withdrawal Time

How long an animal needs after being medicated before it can be slaughtered


The first milk a baby receives from it's mother- has important antibodies


Amount of product a producer is willing and able to sell at a specific price


The amount of product a buyer is willing and able to buy at a specified price


Includes projected income and expenses

Personal Safety

Protecting oneself from injury

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