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The Black Death

When did the plage begin in Europe and when did it end?
Name groups associated with the plague in Europe:
Scapegoats (Jews and lepers), gravediggers, Flagellants, doctors (some legitimate and some were not), clergy (people who work for the church), magicians, etc.
What bacteria is responsible for the transmission of the bubonic plague?
Yursinia Pestis
How was the plague spread?
Rats > fleas > humans
In what cardinal directions did the bubonic plague spread?
It began in Italy and moved North, almost to the Arctic circle.
What were some of the proposed causes of the bubonic plague?
God's wrath (for "sinning"), Jesus's arrows, astrological forces (planets), earthquakes, miasmas (foul air), four humors, locusts, scapegoats,
What were some of treatments?
Bloodletting, leeches, ground up jewels, paper with abracadabra, edible prayers, Theriac (snakes and mud), self punishment (Flagellants), quarantine, escape, sitting between two fires, plague houses,
swellings caused by the bubonic plague
any epidemic disease with a high death rate
Bubonic Plague
a deadly contagious disease caused by bacteria and spread by fleas
term meaning "bad air"
Individuals or groups blamed for wrongs that were not of their doing
isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease
to cut into
A compound use to treat plague victims made of snake bits, clay, herbs and honey
People who whipped themselves to cleanse their sin--they thought Plague was God's punishment for sins.
Blood letting
when there was disease doctor would cut patient hoping to bleed out the disease
Four humors
blood: warm & moist; yellow bile: warm and dry; phlegm: cold and moist; black bile: cold and dry
Plague Maiden
A mythical woman believed to have spread the plague
A place for bones or bone fragments.
The locust theory
the idea that the odor from dead locusts spread the plague.
people parade to ward off distress; worshipers would carry saints, crosses and relics
grave diggers
dug graves for the dead, took the victims to plague houses, blackmailed the living, & stole from the dead