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They were not prepared for the hardships. They had no medicines and the winter was not what they are used to

Why did two thirds of Jamestown's colonists die by the time the first winter arrived?

Her belief that people's relationship with God did not need guidance from ministers. It angered them becasue they did not believe that women should be religious leaders.

Which of Anne's Hutchinson's beliefs angered Puritan church leaders and why?

The Intolerable acts took place and closed the Boston Harbor and cancelled Massachusetts's charter, and forced colonists to house and supply British troops

What happened to Massachusetts in the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party?

Pontiac opposed British selttlement of the new land.

Pontiac is one of the American Indian leaders who opposed what?

William Penn

Who started a colony west of New Jersey to provide a safe home for Quakers?

The Boston Massacre

What event caused tension between British soldiers and Bostonians to explode on March 5, 1770 directly sparking the Boston Massacre?

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