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Unknown words - October 2012

Unknown English words explained and described in English and Serbian
to become larger and rounder than usual
to (cause to) increase in size or amount
"Some Europeans swelled with pride when the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize"
"It was obvious she had broken her toe, because it immediately started to swell (up)"
"Twenty-five employees have joined the union in this month alone, swelling its ranks to 110"
when someone or something is laughed at and considered stupid or of no value
"Howls of derision erupted from the continent's large band of skeptics"
"They treated his suggestion with derision"
"Her speech was met with hoots/howls of derision"
a group of people who share the same interests or beliefs, or who have joined together for a special purpose
"The former president still has a small band of supporters"
an unwieldy object is difficult to move or handle, because it is heavy, large or a strange shape
"A piano is a very unwieldy item to get down a flight of stairs"
"The EU is unwieldy and unloved agglomeration overseen by a top-heavy bureaucracy"
a large group of many different things collected or brought together
"an agglomeration of various ethnic and religious groupings"
"The EU is unwieldy and unloved agglomeration overseen by a top-heavy bureaucracy"
to watch or organize job or an activity to be certain that it is being done correctly
"As marketing manager her job is to oversee all the company's advertising"
"The EU is unwieldy and unloved agglomeration overseen by a top-heavy bureaucracy"
mysterious and known only by a few people
"He was the only person who understood all the arcane details of the agreement"
"This argument may seem arcane to those not closely involved in the world of finance"
"... devoted to creating arcane regulations about everything"
a fixed, limited amount or number that is officially allowed
"The country now has a quota on immigration"
"The class contains usual quota of troublemakers"
moral in an honest, brave and not selfish way
"a noble gesture"
"His followers believe they are fighting for a noble cause"
set something up
to formally establish a new company, organization, system, way of working, etc.
"A committee has been set up to organize social events in the college"
"She plans to set up her new business"
"They've set up a fund for the victims of the earthquake"
in the middle of or surrounded by
"On the floor, amid mounds of books, were two small envelopes"
"The new perfume was launched amidst a fanfare of publicity"
to (make someone or something to) move or fall suddenly and often a long way forward, down or into something
"We ran down the beach and plunged into the sea."
"The car went out of control and plunged over the cliff."
"Niagara Falls plunges 55.5 meters."
"Our income has plunged dramatically."
a state of confusion, uncertainty or disorder
"The whole region is in turmoil"
"The country is in a state of political turmoil"
"The Stock Exchange is in turmoil following a huge wave of selling"
often expressing opinions and complaints in speech
"He had always been a very vocal critic of a president"
"During these years, suffrage demands by women became increasingly vocal"
"The vocal anti-EU politicians, known as euroskeptics ..."
burst in/into something
to enter a room or building suddenly and without warning
"The side door of the pub flew open and three men burst in."
when many people speak together or say a similar thing at the same time
"The newcomers added their voices to the chorus expressing delight at the result"
"There was a chorus of complaint at his words"
when you dislike someone or something and think that they do not deserve your interest or respect
"He regards the political process with disdain"
"The vocal anti-EU politicians known as euroskeptics burst into a chorus of disdain"
an increase in the cost of something especially a large or unwanted increase
"The recent hikes in train fares came as a shock to commuters"
"Protests over tax hikes and job cuts"
to feel angry because you have been forced to accept something or someone that you do not like
"She bitterly resented her father's new wife"
"He resents having to explain his work to other people"
"Protests over tax hikes and job cuts and growing resentment of Germany"
representing or connected with the ideas and opinions of ordinary people
"a populist leader"
"a political party dominated by populists"
to laugh and speak about a person in a way which shows that you think they are stupid and silly
"The critics scoffed at his paintings"
"Despite of scoffs of her colleagues, the experiment was completely successful"
not loud
"There was polite, muted applause when I finished speaking"
using few words, sometimes in a way that seems rude or unfriendly
""Are you feeling any better?" -"No," was the terse reply"
to express admiration or approval about the achievements or characteristics of a person or thing
"He should be praised for his honesty"
"My parents always praised me when I did well at school"
"Others praised the union's role in reuniting of post-Communist Europe"
very pleased
"a delighted audience"
"We are delighted with our new house"
"I was delighted at/by your news"
"As a member of the EU I am delighted to accept the Nobel Peace prize"
a stupid person who can easily be tricked or persuaded to do something
"He's a sap for (= He can easily be persuaded to buy) any new machine."
a period or day before an important event
"He was speaking to Arab journalists in London on the eve of his visit to Jordan and Saudi Arabia"
something on sale at a lower price than its true value
"The coat was half-price - a real bargain"
"The airline regularly offers last-minute bookings at a bargain prices"
to give great pleasure to someone
"I was utterly ravished by the way she smiled"
to cover an area of ground with a hard flat surface of pieces of stone, concrete or bricks
"The area from the shops to the beach is paved with bricks set in patterns"
morally wrong and bad
"It was a wicked thing to do"
"Of course, in the end, the wicked witch gets killed"
slightly immoral or bad for you, but in an attractive way
"a wicked grin"
"a wicked sense of humor"
to try to do something
an attempt to do something
"Engineers are endeavouring to locate the source of the problem"
"In spite of our best endeavours it has proven impossible to contact her"
easily upset or shocked by things which you find unpleasant or which you do not approve of
"She's really squeamish and can't stand the sight of blood"
"Many cooks are squeamish about putting live shellfish into boiling water"
a baby or a very young child
"a newborn infant"
a room within a larger building which is used for Christian worship
"The college/hospital/prison has its own chapel"
"the chapel of St Paul"
a woman who works as a servant in a hotel or in someone's home
"In the beach resort, the apartments and villas have daily maid service"
"In California many illegal immigrants work as maids, nannies and gardeners"
(of air and water conditions) containing extremely small drops of water in the air
"New York is very hot and humid in the summer"
"a hot and humid climate"
a child whose parents are dead
"The civil war is making orphans of many children"
meat that comes from a deer
a covered structure in front of the entrance to a building
"We sat out on the porch to cool off"
a woman's breasts
"She held him tightly to her bosom"
a pointed structure on the top of a church tower, or the tower and the pointed structure considered as one unit
"a church steeple"
steeplechase - horse race
(of clothes) not in good condition; torn
"The children were wearing dirty ragged clothes"
not performing well, because of not being organized
"The team were rather ragged in the first half of the match, but improved in the second half"
the place where public event or meeting happens
"The hotel is ideal venue for conferences and business meetings"
"The stadium has been specifically designed as a venue for European Cup matches"
(US specialized) the city or country where in which a trial happens
a person who works in an office, dealing with records or performing general office duties
a hotel employee who welcomes the guests on arrival
"The (desk) clerk checked us in and gave us our key"
someone who sells things in a shop
"Take your purchases to the (sales) clerk, and he will wrap them for you"
to reward or honour a person by giving them something, especially a medal
"They were decorated for their part in the rescue"
"A decorated WW2 bomber pilot and proud liberal"
describes beliefs that are strongly and sincerely felt or people who have strong and sincere beliefs
"a fervent supporter of the communist party"
"It is his fervent hope that a peaceful solution will soon be found"
"The nationalists believe fervently in independence for their country"
grain, usually barley, that has been left in water until it starts to grow and is then dried. It is used in the making of alcoholic drinks such as beer and whiskey
slad (srpski)
the dried fruits of a climbing plant which are used to give a bitter flavor to beer
hmelj (srpski)
a type of fungus which is used in making alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine, and for making bread swell and become light
kvasac (srpski)
used instead of damn to express anger
"Darn it! There goes my bus!"
"Getting off the bus while it was moving was a darn stupid thing to do"
a long narrow hollow space cut into a surface
"The window slides along a deep metal groove to open and close"
to use water to clean the soap or dirt from something
"First apply shampoo to hair and then rinse thoroughly"
"There was no soap, so I just rinsed my hands with water/under the tap"
to make very wet, or (of liquid) to be absorbed in large amounts
"The wind had blown the rain in and soaked the carpet"
"You'd better wipe up that red wine you've split before it soaks (= is absorbed) into the carpet"
"Blood had soaked through both bandages"
to live something in liquid, especially in order to clean it, soften it, or change its flavor
"You can usually soak out a stain"
"Leave the beans to soak overnight/Let the beans soak overnight"
"Soak the fruit in brandy for a few hours before you add it to the mixture"
a sound like the letter 's'
"I heard a hiss and a pop as the cork came out of the bottle"
to make a noise which is like the first sound in the word 'sing' but which lasts a lot longer
"Why do snakes hiss?"
"The iron was hissing and spluttering"
(especially of machines) to make a low, soft, continuous sound
"I could hear the washing machine whirring in the kitchen"
"the whirr of machinery"
a wild smile
"I assumed things had gone well for him as he had a big grin on his face"
"a broad/sheepish grin"
"Her face breaks into a broad grin"
to (cause something to) break suddenly into very small pieces
"The glass shattered into a thousand tiny pieces"
"His leg was shattered in the accident"
to end or severely damage something
"The book shattered all her illusions about the Romans"
"Noisy motorbikes shattered the peace"
to move about or travel, especially without a clear idea of what are you going to do
"After the pubs close, gangs of youths roam the city streets"
"She roamed around America for a year, working in bars and restaurants"
a large areas of flat land
"a coastal plain"
"High mountains rise above the plains"
to be at the side of something of someone
"The president was flanked by senior ministers"