Hatchet: Chap 1-5 Review Questions

Information collected from the edHelper website at www.edHelper.com
What event upset Brian so much?
he is upset about his parent's divorce
Who drove Brian to the airport?
his mother
What type of plane was Brian flying on?
Cessna 406, a bush plane
What made Brian go all the way out on the log to get his drink?
the water near the shore was murky and had bugs in it
What was Brian's secret?
he had seen his mother sitting in a strange car and kissing another man
Why does Brian think he might be several hundred miles off the flight plan's course?
the pilot's foot had made the plane turn when he had his heart attack, and Brian hadn't corrected the direction
How did Brian find the radio?
he noticed the knob that said "transmitter" and remembered seeing the pilot using the radio
What happened to the pilot of Brian's plane?
he had a heart attack
How did Brian know that there was something wrong with the pilot?
the pilot was clutching his left arm and chest, and Brian had seen another man having a heart attack
Is the plane still heading towards Canada?
Brian doesn't know because when the pilot had his heart attack, the plane went off course
Why was Brian flying without his mother?
he was going to Canada to visit his father because his father had custody over the summer
How did Brian know how to turn the plane?
the pilot had let him try to fly the plane before he had a heart attack
Why couldn't Brian hear anyone over the radio at first?
he forgot to let go of the button after he finished talking
How did Brian turn the plane towards the lake?
he pushed the right rudder gently
What did Brian describe as vampires?
flies and mosquitoes that were biting him
What happened after Brian yelled "I'm hungry!"?
all the animal noises stopped, and he heard complete silence
Who taught Brian about positive thinking?
Mr. Perpich, his old english teacher