50 terms


the Bill of Rights
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called
population/ equality
The number of members in the House of Representatives is based on____, while the Senate is based on ____.
Original jurisdiction
When the Supreme Court hears a case for the first time it is called
passing laws over a veto with a 2/3 vote
The legislative branch checks the executive branch by
makes laws
The legislative branch
Elastic clause
the section of the constitution that gives congress the power to pass laws "necessary and proper" to fulfill its other duties is the
not stated in the constitution
qualifications of a Supreme Court justice are
aiding the enemies of your country
treason is
the term of justices of the Supreme Court is
state legislatures used to elect
2/3 vote of each house of congress
amendments can be proposed by
legislatures of 3/4 of the states
amendments can be ratified by
The media is a cabinet department (true/ false)
US Postal Service
What is an example of a government corporation?
how the constitution can be amended
article 5 is important because it tells
tells why the constitution was written
the preamble to the constitution
the founding fathers wanted to keep the common people from making a mistake
the electoral college was established by the constitutional convention because
house of representatives
impeachment charges are started by the
states the purpose of the constitution
the preamble
thomas jefferson
the man who wrote the declaration of independence was
revolutionary war
the war in which the colonies won their independence from england was the
the total number of members in the house of representatives is
the total number of US senators is
the power to declare war belongs to
house of representatives
all revenue (money) bills originate in the
the constitution needed the approval of how many states?
the constitutional convention met in the city of
we the people of the united states....
the preamble begins with
to promote the pursuit of happiness is not included in the preamble (true/ false)
virginia plan
the plan of government proposed during the constitutional convention which called for a bicameral congress based on population was the
june 21, 1788
the united states constitution went into effect on
three branches
power in the united states government is divided among
two houses
congress is divided into
the number of articles in the US constitution is
the number of amendments that have been added to the constitution is
the population of the state
the number of representatives each state has in the house depends on
6 years
senators are elected for
2 years
members of the house of representatives are elected for
judges laws
the judicial branch
the number of justices on the supreme court is
the US constitution
the supreme law of the land is
the president can declare war (true/ false)
vice president
the person who takes the president's place if he or she is unable to serve a full term is the
the senate
all appointments to the supreme court must be approved by
impeachments are tried by the
ex post facto law
it punishes for something that was not illegal when it was done
writ of habeas corpus
a person has the right to appear in person, in court
bill of attainder
a formal request to the supreme court to hear a case is known as a
bicameral means having ___ houses
vetoing laws
the executive branch checks (or controls) the legislative branch by