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The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs

You can quickly and easily learn a simple yet powerful methodology that has been taught in the Bay Area and internationally including Australia, India, Jordan, and China. It's an effective "life tool" that can be used in many realms beyond social entrepreneurship. We call that tool "The Seven Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship." In a nutshell: when you follow your vision, use your special skills in a non-duplicative way, work in partnership, share the credit, measure results, and stay the course…

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First pillar. The seven pillars involve implementing your ___ regardless of naysayers, using your special skills etcetera.
Special Skills
Second pillar. Use your vision and ____ in a nonduplicative way...
Third pillar. Go where needed, not where others are doing a good job already.
Fourth pillar. Working with others.
Credit Sharing
Fifth pillar. Recognition of those who helped achieve a result.
Sixth pillar. A yardstick to measure whether you're on course.
Staying power
Seventh pillar. What gives you the ability to go the long haul.