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The S.H.I.P.

Using the S.H.I.P. is simple. First, familiarize yourself with the framework, so it can inform your encounters. Next, try it out for yourself. It is meant to be so intuitive that just the knowledge of the areas of inquiry will prompt your questions and aid in recollection and documentation, after the fact. The areas of inquiry set out below are kinesthetically easy to remember: simply consider the space around your own body: within you, outside and next to you, before and behind you, above and…

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Spiritual Holistic Inquiry Process
S.H.I.P. is short for __ __ __ __
Which domain has this ideal: Body and mind in comfort and at ease. Sense of well-being. Healthy self-care, prevention steps, and treatment of diagnosable conditions where applicable. Clarity, understanding, and acceptance of one's physical and mental attributes.
Which domain has this ideal: Role or station, in healthy context. Derives satisfaction from meaningful work. Able to see and relate to people beyond role, attainment, or status. Perception of vocation. Relationship to role is not so overpowering as to be subsuming of self.
Which domain has this ideal: Harmonious balance between independence and belonging (social competence). Social support. Sense of connectedness to others, investment in community, compassion, service, co-responsibility. Sense of being supported / supporting others in community. Social capital.
Which domain has this ideal: Beliefs and perspectives regarding the transcendent provide grounding, comfort, hope, and meaning.The spiritual as an area of interest, growth. Beliefs can be articulated, and provide source of strength or purpose.
Which domain has this ideal: Strong sense of roots leading to greater self-understanding and grounding. Source of joy.
Which domain has this ideal: Reasonably well-developed, acceptable, useful self-narrative or life-story which is flexible and adaptable, growing more nuanced with understanding and age.
Which domain has this ideal: Able to envision positive outcomes. Flexible and resilient in maintaining a hopeful, positive attitude in the face of changing circumstances.
The first three domains (in-on-around) form a ______ going from within your core, to on your skin, and encircling you.
The second set of domains (above ~ below) form a straight ____ stretching from underneath your feet to above your head. Above you, the spiritual. Beneath you, roots. The final set of domains also form one, stretching from behind your back to beyond the horizon stretching before you. This is the personal past and resilient hope in the future.
Be mindful of privacy concerns (e.g., if a hospital setting, HIPAA requirements), and take care to maintain the utmost _______________ [review at ministrants.com/ship]
This symbol (in red) in the SHIP quick rating system, means "big issue here!"
This symbol (in yellow) in the SHIP quick rating system, means "did not yet assess, or still unclear!"
Check mark
This symbol (in green) in the SHIP quick rating system, means "area of relative wellness!"