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stone slab between the capital and entablature


in a basilican building, a passage between the arcade and the outside wall


a semicircular aisle, the passage round the east end of a church between the arcade and the outside wall


part of a building that is semicircular in plan


a series of arches


masonry construction, curved in outline, spanning an opening


the lowest element of a classical entablature


smooth, squared stone masonry


a style prevalent in europe and latin america in the 17th and 18th centuries


the lowest part of a classical order supporting a column


1 architecturally, a building with an arcade, aisles and clearstorey, i.e. consisting of a central vessel flanked by aisles and defined by arcades, above which rise walls containing windows. 2 Ecciesiastically, a Roman Catholic church of a certain status.


a single compartment of a building defined by the placing of windows, or especially in a church, the space between one pier or column and the next

blind arch

an arch or series of arches against a solid wall


element derived from classical architecture that forms the top part of a column, standing between the column or pier and what it supports


support in the form of a female figure


the main enclosed room of a greek or roman temple


tempory wooden support for an arch or rib during the process of building


said of a building whose plan is symmetrical in all four directions


the easternmost part of a church, reserved for the clergy, where the altar is situated; by extension, the eastern arm


that part of a church near the chancel, where the choir sit, by extension, the eastern arm

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