21 terms

the inferno

the wrathful
ripped apart
weighted down by great leaden ropes, walk eternally in a narrow track outer ropes pass for holiness, inside is lead, heavy, and terrible
monstrous reptiles circel themselves about teh sinners living coils of rope, binding each sinner hands behind his back and knotting themselves through the lions, reptiles kill sinners and the reform painfully
evil counselors
move endleslly, hidden from view
sowers of discord
hacked by a great demon with a bloody sword, go in circle, they heal, then get hurt against
punished by afflications of every sense: darkness, stench, thirst, filth, loathsome, diseaes, a shriking din
evil impersonators
run without stopping seizing upon the infernal apparition of these souls while they in turn are preyed upon by thier own furies
alchemists and counterfeiters
a loathsome disease connot move eternity on unbearable thirst
the giants
returned to the darkness of their origins, guardians of earth's last depth
treacehry against those to whom they were bound by special ties
fixed in ice according to guilt
virtuous pagans
stuck in limbo
abandon themselves to the tempest of their passion, swept forever in the tempest of hell forever denied the light of reason and of God
half buried in fertile slush while Cerberus slaves over them as they in life slavered over food
neither in hell or out of it, race round and round pursuing a wavering banner that runs forever before them, as they run they are pursued by wasps, hornets, and are stung, producing blood eaten by amggots
the hoarders and the wasters
souls encumbered by dead weights and one excess serves to punish, the other souls are dimmed so htey are unrecognizable, beat each other up
refused to welcome Divine illuminations adn buried forever below the stinking water of the styx; gargaling the words of an endless chant in a grotesque parody of a singing hymn
rebellion/ fallen angels
guard the gates of hell
the heretics
they taught that the soul dies within the body so their punishment is an eternal grave in the fiery morque of God's wrath
the violent against themselves, the wood of the suicides
encased in thorny trees whose leaves are eaten by the odius Harpies, they bleed when eaten, only speak when blood is flowing, only permitted to speak through that which tears and destroys them
the violent against their neighbors
immersed in boiling blood forever each according to the degree of his guilt with centaurs ready to shoot anyone who tries to get out
the blasphemers (violent against God)
stretched supine (on the back) on the sand with rain of fire