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Harcourt Reflections


early family members of present-day American Indians


an American Indian group with its own leaders and land


specific ways of living


stories handed down over time to explain how everything came to be


an object made by someone in the past

Why were legends important to CA Indians?

Children learned proper behavior and the knowledge they needed to survive.

How did the environment shape the ways of life of early CA Indians?

Types of homes they built, what they ate, and culture.


A fence set in a stream to catch fish


a celebration to honor a cultural or religious event


Indian religious leader


to buy and sell goods and services; to exchange

What did the people in the northern Coastal Region use for trade?


How did the northern Coastal Region Indians use resources around them?

food, shelter, decorations, trade, baskets


a system of leaders and laws for making decisions as what is best for a group of people


to work together

How did the Chumash use tar?

to make baskets and canoe's waterproof


special building used to hold grain and acorns

division of labor

different people perform different jobs


to work at one kind of job that a person can do well

Why were many people able to live in the in Central Valley Region?

Plenty of food, resources for shelter,
good climate for agriculture

How was work divided among the Maidu men and women?

Men: made arrows and tools
Women: prepared food made baskets


A place where groundwater bubbles or flows out of cracks in the rocks.


extremely dry;
so that no vegetation grows


fine bits of rock and soil


the growing of crops and the raising of animals

What item did the Cahuilla make that most other California Indians did not make?

clay pots

How were the Mojave and Cahuilla ways of life different from those of other California Indians?

They has less resources, less water, smaller animals and harsher climate

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