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Cranial Nerves

I. Olfactory Nerves
II. Optic Nerves
III. Oculomotor Nerves
Pupil constriction, eye movements, and opens eyelid
IV. Trochlear Nerves
Stimulate superior oblique muscle
V. Trigeminal Nerves
Sensory from face and teeth and mastication movements
VI. Abducens Nerves
Lateral eye movements
VII. Facial Nerves
Control facial expression muscles and salivation, tear secretions, and taste
VIII. Vestibulocochlear Nerves
Hearing and balance
IX. Glossopharyngeal Nerves
Monitor blood pressure from baroreceptors, salivation, and swallowing
X. Vagus Nerves
Regulation of many visceral organs, including the heart rate
XI. Accessory Nerves
Control neck, larynx, and shoulder muscles
XII. Hypoglossal Nerves
Control tongue movements