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Why is visualization not sufficient to properly identify bacteria?

Bacteria have a limited set of shapes and many unrelated bacteria share the same shape.

What is the hallmark of dichotomous keys?

They consist of a series of paired statements, in which only one statement of each pair applies to a given organism.

Biochemical tests _________________.

are the main methods used to identify unknown bacteria

What test result indicates that the unknown can utilize citrate as its sole carbon source?

The medium turns blue

Why is the unknown in this example not Pseudomonas?

it ferments lactose

How would the results be different if this organism was Salmonella?

It would produce hydrogen sulfide.

How is fermentation of lactose detected?

The drop in pH turns the indicator dye yellow.

How many questions are needed in this dichotomous key to determine if the unknown is Bacteroides?


Which type of organism would NOT be included in the Domain Eukarya?


Which statement regarding viral species is true?
Viral species are not classified as part of any of the three domains.
Viral species are classified within the Kingdom Plantae in the Domain Eukarya.
Viruses are classified as prokaryotes.
Viral species are taxonomically differentiated based upon their cell wall.

Viral species are not classified as part of any of the three domains.

How many answers are there to a question in a dichotomous key flowchart?


Why are flowcharts useful for dichotomous keys?

They allow the researcher to visualize relationships between different bacteria.

Which of the following groups in the Domain Archaea require high salt concentrations for survival?


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