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Driving Test in Chinese

Random questions from Chinese Driving Test using even stranger language than that in the official document
Expressway Speed limit is
Breakdown on the expressway put the warming sign
150m away
After a crash causeing injury to people
go to the people first.
If there's an accident with no human injuries and drivers agree who is at fault you shoud
Leave the scene
Violation of the road traffic saftey laws
warning or 20-200 yuan fine
Drink driving
200-500 yuan fine + 1-3 months ban
Drink driving and being restrained
less than 15 day detention
Parking fine when driver is not present or when refuses to move
20-200yuan fine
If you have no plates, no insurance label, no license
detain vehicle
Covering of license to obscure number
a warning
If caught using falsified registrtatioon papers
detain vehicle, confiscate papers, 200-2000 fine
Installing a siren on your car
remove the siren and fine of 200-2000
Driving with no license or when license has been revoked
200-2000 fine and maybe detain driver for <15 days
Allowing someone with no license to drive your car
200-2000 fine and may revoke licence of owner
Leaving scene of an accident but not a crime
200-2000 fine and may detain driver for <15 days
Speeding more than 50%
200-2000 fine and may revoike licence
Driving a vehicle at write off standard
200-2000 fine and may revoike licence
Selling a write off vehicle
confiscate the money, fine of equal amount, confiscate vehicle, + write it off.
If a party fails to follow punishment, go where?
court of enforcement
Failure to accept punishment
license revoked.
Are warning signs considered traffic signs?
Do pedestrians have to follow the Road Traffic Safty laws?
Can a person who has drunk alcohol but is not drunk drive?
What is the minimum top speed of a vehicle on the expressways?
Are squares and parking lots considered under the Road Traffic laws?
What is Alternation registration?
when you move to a different location out of the jurisdiction
Who should you sell a write off vehicle to?
to a Recycling Enterprise
Does the Recycling enterprise presents the paper work to the PSO for a write off vehicle?
Non commerical passenager vechcles check how often?
every 2years for the first 6 years. after that every year
How long is probabtion?
12 months
Licences are issued for
6yrs, 10yrs and lifelong/
Penalty point cycle is
12 months
After reaching 12 point limit
the SPO publically anounces it
If there are no marking on the road and no dividing line in an urbal area the speed limit is
If there are no marking ofn the road and no dividing line on a highway area the speed limit is
On an urban one direction road
on a one direction highway
Speed limit with 50m visibility
Speed limit in nonmotorised lane is ...
Crossing on a narrow mountain road the vehicle
not near the mountain goes first.
On a road with an obsticle blocking one side
the side with the blocakage goes first,
Maximum height of vehicles is
What to do in fog?
turn on hazards and fog lamp
With visibility in fog reduced,
honk and reduce speed.
What to do in a day time break down?
Hazards, warning sign 50-100m back
What to do at night time break down?
Same as day time. Hazards, warning sign 50-100m back
Pulling another vehicle distance
Use a hard pull device for vehicles with...
braking problems
Use a tow truck for vehicles with ....
steering problems or lighting signal failure
not allowed
How far should you park from: intersection, curve, slope, tunnel.
How far should you park from: busstop, firstaid station, gas station, fire hydrant.
Can you stop in the non motorized lane?
No stopping on __________or near construction
Expressway minimum speed is
Where there are two lanes on an EW left lane minimum speed is
On an EW where there are three or more lanes the far left lane is
On an EW where there are three or more lanes the middle lane is
Minimum distance on an EW at 100km is
Minimum distance on an EW at less than 100km is
50m minimum
With visibilkity less than 200m max speed is
With visibility less than 100m minimum distance is
With visibility less that 50m max speed is
If you acquire a false license you can't reapply for
3 years
If you fail to acknowledge punishment after 30 days and public anouncement and 3 months
vehicle is sold.
If you don't pay your fines what about points
points will not be removed at end of cycle
Fast lane is only for overtaking?
Max speed at level crossing is 40km?
Can you make a uturn on an uphill road?
When passing through an intersections with no lights or police
traffic turning right gives way to traffic on the left
A pulled vehicle may carry passengers and a trailer?
If speed signs and land speed contradict folow the
speed signs
Filing civil action during mediation
stops mediation
Can Traffic police ignore your contesting and increase punishment?
You get 7-15 years for
accident cause death and running away
You get less than 3 years for
bad accident and maybe death
You get 3-7 years for
running away or causing an another accident
Driver is liable if they
take inappropriate measures, fail to take measures, use excessive msrs.
Police cannot make an arrest on the spot.
If police suspect a vehicle is stolen they =detain the vehicle (not confiscate)
If you speed more that 50%
your license may be detained until punishment is decided.
Who should open it's tow line number?
The Traffic control department of the PSO
for fines less than 200Y the polce can make simple decisions using equipment.
After passing the reeducation test a drivers points will be removed. Yes/No?
Does the driver have the right to see the recorded data?
After an accident causeing serious injury may people settle the affair?
Is the time limit of mediataion 10days from when a hospital confirms the injuries?
Applicant can take how many make up tests?
If caught Cheating on the test....
cancelled eligibility
When to apply for a new license...
90days before expiration
License will be cancelled if it is not renewed when?
1 year after exp
Reeducation takes...
7 days
Within 20 days what happens...
subject one test is conducted
Over 60s need a medical check....
over 60s medical check is submitted within...
half a year
If a change occurs in your license info, report this how soon?
within 30 days
If you lose your license you need the following to get a new one...
ID and statement of loss.
Should test results be signed by tester and someone else?
Can an agent deal with reissuing of a license?
After causing and escaping an accident you may reaaply for a license within 2 years....
After transfer is approved, within 10 days the vehicle is inspected by ....
vehicle management station
When changin body colour the party must complete the Application form for motorized vehicle reg?
The owner of the vehicle (not the driver) buys the insurance. The 'objects' in an accident are....
the victims
If a driver fails to buy insurance the PSO may ...
fine the driver 2 times the premium
Failure to display an insurance disc results in ...
20-200Y fine
If you cause damage when driving drunk ....
the insurance company doesn't pay.
The PSO can't detain a vehicle for not displaying an insurance disc.
Types of signs:
Indicative. directional, warning, prohibitive
Orange signs are
Warning signs
Blue signs are
directional signs