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Events leading to the texas revolution

Constitution of 1824
Mexican constitution that established a states' rights government
a specific requirement set by a law
Haden Edwards
empresario odered to leave Texas by Governor Victor Blanco after a dispute over land titles in East Texas
Fredonian Rebellion
onflict around Nacogdoches that confirmed Mexican fears that Texans were trying to take over the government
customs duty
a tax that is collected on goods that are taken into or out of a country
states' rights
theory that a state could choose whether to obey or enforce federal laws
a person who supports policies that promote national interests
Law of April 6, 1830
outlawed immigration from the United States
a person who represents others
a supporter of a strong national government and weak state power
a formal statement of a decision, opinion, or course of action by an official group
Battle of Gonzales
Texans fought to keep a cannon that the Mexican troops were trying to take
provisional government
a group of people who make laws and provide services on a temporary basis
a group of people who share a viewpoint on an issue
a lengthy military attack on a fortified place
General Cos
surrendered at San Antonio and agreed to leave Texas
Decree of April 6, 1830
what made no new slaves be able to be brought into texas
Decree of April 6, 1830
what ended emigration from united states
George Fisher
tax collector at Anahuac who forced all ships to report to the customs house at Anahuac to pay customs duties on all imported goods
Turtle Bayou resolutions
when texans were not rebelling against mexico, texans supported santa anna, and texans supported the mexican constitution of a824 (states' rights)
Stephen F autsin
presisent of he convention of t1832
convention of 1832
asked the Mexican government to allow immigration from the united states, asked the Mexican government to exempt Texans from paying certain customs duties, asked for creation of public schools, asked for better protection from indians, asked for the appointment of a land commissioner in east texas, and asked to separate Texas from the Couhuila and to establish a separate state government.