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US History Vocabulary #1

NYS Regents Review - Early American History

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Joint-Stock Company
Business where investors pool their wealth
Cash Crop
Products grown for sale, not for people's own use
A large, commercial, agricultural estate
Subsistence Farming
Farming only enough food to feed one's family
Economic theory that a nation's
strength came from building up its gold supplies and expanding its trade.
Triangle Trade
A three-way trade route that exchanged goods between the American colonies and two other trading partners
Indentured Servant
An individual who contracts to work for a colonist for a specified number of years in exchange for transportation to the colonies
Middle Passage
The difficult journey slaves endured in crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas
Navagation Acts
Laws which stated that the American colonies could only trade with England
A thing gained
A good or service that is produced in one country and then sold to and consumed in another country
(of soil or land) producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops
Mayflower Compact
The first agreement for self-government to be created and enforced in America, signed by the Pilgrims before landing on Plymouth
New England Town Meetings
An early example of colonial self-rule where democracy was valued, example of direct democracy
Virginia House of Burgesses
An assembly of elected representatives from Virginia which was democratically elected and was the first of its kind in English North America.