Mara, Chapters 4-6 Vocab

12 terms by ishlabadish

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glibly, gamin, partisan, imperturbably, credulous, audacity, garrulous, blandishments, bludgeon, funereal, lapis lazuli, unguents


easily or readily fluent (Pg 35)


a boy who is neglected and left to roam around the streets (Pg 37)


strong supporter (Pg 38)


calmly (Pg 43)


easily deceived (Pg 46)


rude boldness; impudence (Pg 42-56)


talkative (Pg 57)


actions or speech that tend to flatter, coax or entice (Pg 57)


short club with a heavy end often used for beating (Pg 59)


of or suitable for a funeral; mournful or gloomy (Pg 67)

lapis lazuli

a deep blue, opaque semiprecious stone (Pg 57)


ointments for sores and burns; salves (Pg 62)

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