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7th grade Unit 1 Vocabulary


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a truth of faith that can't be fully understood but that is believed because God has shown it in Scripture, in the life of Jesus, or in the teachings of the Church.
means "God is" and has always been", even before the beginning of time, and will be forever.
the GOd givn ability which makes it possible for humans to think, reason and judge
freely choosing to turn away from God
God's word written by humans acting under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
th process by wich the Holy Spirit assisted the human authors in writing the Bible.
the Church's official collection of inspired books of sacred Scripture
one of the four authors of the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This word is also used for those who actively spread the Christian faith.
the God given ability that helps individuals know the difference between right and wrong.
the study of God
literal sense
sense of scripture that refers to the actual words that have been recorded.
spiritual sense
sense of scripture that builds on the literal sense and includes the allegorical, moral and anagogical senses.
allegorical sense
shows how certain events pointed to Jesus, even before his birth
moral sense
explains how to live justly and humbly before God.
anagogical sense
shows how human events and realities and signs o our heavenly future.
means "God saves".
means Messiah
a sacred promise o agreement between humans or between God and humans.
means Father
natural law
consist of universal practical judgements that all people can understand through their common sense; requires us to do good and avoid evil
Ten Commandments
the ten moral laws recorded in the Old Testament and given by God to his people to help them live by the covenant.
revealed law
like the 10 Commandments, guide us to making good choices.