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research paper

a formal, lengthy presentation of a thesis supported by information from several credible sources

term paper

another name for a research paper


a clear statement of the principal point that a research paper intends to make. It is proven by organizing and presenting information from credible sources

title page

the cover page of a research paper which contains information about the paper, its writer, the course of study and the date


a skeleton of the paper's organized main points

works cited page

an alphabetized list at the end of a research paper that identifies all the sources used in its essay

alphabetical order

the order used for organizing information on a works cited page and a bibliography page


an extensive listing of ALL sources researched for a paper. It is presented in alphabetical order on a separate page

credible source

a source which has the knowledge and authority on a subject necessary to persuade the reader


the condition of being accepted as true and convincing


an individual or organization that has both knowledge and authority of a topic area

primary source

a source that offers firsthand information that has not been analyzed or evaluated by anyone else

a patient with AIDS

an example of a primary source

secondary source

a source which offers information that has already been organized and evaluated by someone else

magazines, newspapers, nonfiction books

examples of secondary sources


another name for a magazine

Readers Guide to Periodical Literature

a valuable research tool for locating sources of information found in magazine articles

alphabetical order by subject

the arrangement for organizing information in the Readers Guide


The association which sets the format rules for writing a research paper

source card

a card which contains important information for a source used in the research paper

parenthetical documentation

placing the author's name and page number of the source in parentheses behind a quote in order to give credit to that source


giving credit to a source by using parenthetical documentation and works cited pages


knowing or unknowing use of information from a source in a research paper without giving credit to the source

direct quote

information written word for word exactly as the source presents it

indirect quote

information from a source that is reworded or paraphrased by the writer of the research paper

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