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-"preschool in three cultures method"--> Japan, China, US
-select preschool in each country with good reputation, not atypical, where students/staff enthusiastic about participating
-show footage to teacher and ask them to explain thinking behind behavior
-conduct focus groups about the videos
-each show an example of typical days in each country
-Chinese preschool: in Kuming, China. The school nurse checks each child's health upon arrival, provide meals to the children throughout the day, 35 children for 1 teacher, group exercises are important for achieving sense of collectivity, some chinese children are being neglected by their parents, there is a larger focus on play learning and active learning now in China
-Japanese preschool: Kyoto Japan, children take shoes off before entering building, 17 children per one teacher (lower than average- due to falling birth rate), children do origami, then go swimming (male teacher drying off children after swim critisized by American teachers), when the children get in fights the japanese teacher didn't get involved (critisized by Chinese and American teachers), hot lunch provided at school, older children at the school get to assist with toddlers
-American preschool: Honolulu, Hawaii. supports language development by saying use your words and asking many questions, 20 children and 2 teachers (low student teacher ratio important quality indicator), give children choice--> assumed to be more pleasurable, fosters motivation, tied up with democracy, staff intervenes immediately when children fight
-universals in preschool: naptime, lunch time