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Week 6 Other Facts

Westminster Catechism: Question 5: Are there more Gods than one?
There is but one only, the living and true God.
Science Card 7: What are the major groups of invertebrates?
The invertebrate classifications are sponges, stinging-cell animals, flatworms, roundworms, segmented worms, mollusks, sea stars and arthropods.
The Adjective Jingle: An adjective modifies
a noun or pronoun.
An adjective asks
What kind? Which one? How many?
To find an adjective:
Go. Ask. Get.
Where do I go?
To a noun or pronoun.
What do I ask?
What kind? Which one? How many?
What do I get?
An ADJECTIVE! (Clap) That's what!
Western Europe: Find and locate on map:
4. Austria
Find and locate on map:
5. Belgium
Find and locate on map:
6. Netherlands
Davidic Kingdom: First and Second Samuel and First Chronicles
Solomon's Reign: First Kings 1 through 11 and Second Chronicles 1 through 9
Israel Divides into Two Kingdoms: First Kings 12 and Second Chronicles 10
Homer and Greek Mythology
The Olympics
Founding of Rome
Greece Colonized, Democracy Begins
Israel and Judah Fall: Second Kings 17 and 25