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Literary Elements of Fiction

the sequence of events of which a story is composed
the beginning of a story that presents characters, settings, and the problem (sets the stage)
rising action
the events in a story that become increasingly more intense and lead up to the conflict (creates tension)
the point in a story where the main character faces his or her main problem or conflict
any character's problem
the events in a story in which the reader learns just how a character's problem is resolved or figured out (loose ends are tied up)
falling action
the events immediately after the character solves his or her problem in which the story's plot becomes clear
where and when a story takes place
stories about imaginary people and events
obligatory scene
a scene at the very end of the story in which the character is shown to be living "happily ever after"
unexpected turn of events
man versus nature
the main conflict is against a storm, an animal, or some other part of nature
man versus man
the main conflict is against another person
man versus himself
the main conflict is against some kind of emotional, physical, or other kind of internal issue, like fear or a handicap
fantasy setting
a story that is based in unrealistic places (like Narnia) and has unrealistic events (such as magic)
reality setting
a story that is based in a real place and has realistic events (things that can really happen)