Place-Physical Characteristics Vocab

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Natural HazardsAffects Earth's land regions and human settlements by Plate TectonicsOceanLargest bodies of water on EarthPlainsLarge fat land regionsPlate TectonicsLand regions that change/move overtimePhysical CharacteristicsDescribe the non-man made (natural) features of a landscapePrecipitationRain,Snow,Sleet, or Hail that falls to the groundRiverA channel of water flowing into a larger body of waterRiver Deltaas a result of sediment deposits at the mouth of riverSeaLarge bodies of water that touch landSwampLand regions of low elevation where water collectsTemperatureHow hot or cold it isTropic of CancerA line that is located North of the equatorTropic of CapricornA line that is located South of the equatorTsunamiSeries of waves that form a wall caused by undersea earthquakesWeatherthe state of the atmosphere in one place over the short termWinds & CurrentsCarry moist or dry air over land and Carry hot water toward the poles or cold water toward the eqautorVolcanoA landform that has volcanic eruptions that are both creative and destructive events

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