Physics Quiz (Position, Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity)

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the place where an object is located. in physics, it is usually given in terms of a number on the x or y axis
the change in the object's position or how far the object travels.
distance is a scalar quantity and is measured in meters
a straight line from the starting point to the ending point.
displacement is a vector quantity and is measured in meters
scalar quantity
direction does not matter. distance is a scalar quantity
vector quantity
direction matters. velocity is a vector quantity
1. a measure of distance traveled and time traveled.
3. speed is a scalar quantity (direction doesn't matter)
1. speed in a specific direction
2. vector quantity (direction matters)
1. time rate change of velocity
2. vector quantity (direction matters)
3. can be positive or negative (sign indicates direction)
4. measured in meters per second squared