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What India was made of before the British conquered it


Trading company that come to India in the 1600s

East India Company

Title given to Gandhi which means "great soul"


Pakistan became a country for this religious group


the divison of India into 2 states


These were sent back to British factories to be manufactured

raw materials

Ghandhi was inspired to do non violence by his ___ faith


The new methods introduced by the British to help India combat drought


The colonial power in India from the 1800s to 1900s


The land that India and pakistan are still fighting over


The muslim group related to the Mongols that conquered north India and Pakistan (1400s-1600s)


land that is ruled by a foreign country


an improvements brought by the British to make transportation faster


method that Ghandi used to inspire his followers

non-violent protest

What happened to Ghandhi by a Hindu fanatic who was upset by Ghandhi's view of Muslims


Organization formed by Hindus to drive Britain out of India

Indian National congress

Person who wanted to make it to India to trade but ended up in the Americas


American Civil Rights leader that was inspired by Ghandhi's methods

Martin Luther King

What many indians objected to


British did not allow Indians to make their own

finished goods

Famous tomb built by Mughal emporer Shah Jahan

Taj Mahal

Freedom fighter who fought for India's Independance


Inda and Pakistan gained independance


Ghandi protest to not buy British goods


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