personality inventories are designed to assess several _______ at once.
dr. Zytowics wants to assess the extent to which a client is suffering from depression, social withdrawal, and other symptoms of an emotional disorder. Which personality inventory would be most helpful for this purpose?
empirically derived
A personality inventory that utilizes only those items that have been shown to differentiate particular groups of peopple is called a (N) ________ test
learning perspective
julius is obsessed with avoiding germs and feels compelled to bathe at least 10 times every day. His therapist suggests that juulius continues his maladaptive bathing because this behavior temporarily reduced his anxiety on many past occasions. the therapist's suggestion most directly reflects a
a phobia
Kaylee is so afraid of spiders and insects that she avoids outdoor activities and even refuses to go to the basement of her own house alone. Kaylee appearsto suffer from
medical model
It wold be most difficult to use the _________ to explain why anorexia nervosa occurs mosly in western cultures
abnormally large and the thalamus is abnormally small
Among schizophrenia patients, the fluid-filled areas of the brain are:
by professional training, freud was a:
psychoanalytic perspective
laura's husband died three years ago, but she is still depressed. Her therapist suggests that she is really angry at her husband for abandoning her. The therapist's interpretation reflects the
increased expectation of negative outcomes
Cognitive changes that accompany depression include a
The rear area of the __________ grows bigger the longer a london cab driver has been navigating the maze of city streets
classifying an excessively broad range of human behaviors as psychologically disordered
DSM-IV is most likely to be criticized for
facilitate the reliability of diagnoses
DSM-IV focuses on clinician's reports of observable behavior in order to:
learned helplessness
Dogs strapped into a harness and given repeated and unavoidable shocks developed:
abdul mistakenly believes that his classmates are unusally hostile. In fact, abdul is the most quarrelsome and aggressive child in the school. According to psychoanalytic theory, Abdul's belief that his classmates are hostile is a:
a reactive autonomic nervous system
people respond to stress with greater anxiety if they have
iconic; shor-term
Some of the information in our __________ memory is encoded into ___________ memory