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La Confesión de Victor


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Me llamo Victor.
My name is Victor.
Muchas mujeres creen que soy guapo.
Many women believe that I'm handsome.
Me dicen que soy guapo.
They said that I am handsome.
Me cantan que soy muy, muy, muy, muy guapo.
They sing that I am very very very very handsome.
Pero tengo un secreto que les voy a revelar.
But I have a secret that I'm going to reveal to you all.
Es un secreto terrible que les voy a contar.
It's a terrible secret that I'm going to tell y'all.
Por favor.
¿Pueden perdonarme?
Can y'all forgive me?
Yo era guapo pero ya no lo soy.
I was handsome, but I'm not anymore.
Soy calvo.
I'm bald.
Completamente calvo.
Completely bald.
Muchas mujeres creían que era guapo.
Many women believed I was handsome.
Me decían que era guapo.
They used to tell me I was handsome.
Cantaban que era muy guapo.
They sang that I was very handsome.
No se lo digan a nadie.
Don't tell it to anyone.
Lo siento mucho.
I'm really sorry.
Ya no eres guapo.
You're not handsome anymore.
Sin pelo, ya no puedo encontrar un trabajo.
Without hair, I can't find a job anymore.
Sin pelo, ya no hay mujeres a mi lado.
Without hair, there aren't women by my side anymore.
Sin pelo, ya no puedo mirarme en el espejo.
Without hair, I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore.
Sin pelo, mi perro ya no quiere jugar conmigo.
Without hair, my dog doesn't want to play with me anymore.
Vivo con mis padres, en su garaje.
I live with my parents, in their garage.