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NCO Academy, Course 15 volumes 2/3, USAF

When is a Joint Task Force made?

When a mission has a specific limited objective and designated by the SecDef, a CCDR, a subordinate unified CDR, or an existing JTF CDR

What does the National Security Council do?

Coordinates foreign policy, defense policy, and reconcile diplomatic and military commitments and requirements

Under who's control does the Armed Forces serve under?


Who is the principal assistant to the President in all matters related to the DOD?

Secretary of Defense

Who receives orders from the CJCS under the authority and direction of the SecDef?

Combatant Commander

Who is the principal military advisor to the President, the NSC, and the SecDef?

Combat Support Agency

The ________ is a member of the National Security Council (NSC), which drafts the national security strategy.

Secretary of Defense

Which organization is responsible for developing and executing national military strategy?


The US military operates under single chain of command with two distinct braches. Name the branches.

Operational and Administrative

The _____ is not considered part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff organization.

Secretary of Defense

What are the primary roles of the sister services?

Organizing, training, and equipping forces for assignment to Unified Combatant Commands

What is the purpose of a Joint Task Force and how is one organized? Briefly state why and how a JTF is organized.

It is comprised of distinct branches of the services and established when the mission has a specific limited objective. It is formed and so designated by the SecDef, a CCDR, a subordinate unified CDR, or an existing JTF CDR. It may be established on a geographical are or functional basis and is dissolved when the purpose for which it was created is no longer required

What is the purpose of the USTRANSCOM?

Tasked with the coordination of people and transportation assests to allow the US to project and sustain forces, whenever, wherever, and for as long as they are needed

What is the purpose for the USEVCOM?

Reponsible for US military relations with NATO and conducts military operations, international military partnering, and interagency partnering to enhance transatlantic security and defend the US forward

What is the purpose for the USSOCOM?

Conducts servel covert and clandestine missions, such as unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special recon, psychological operations, civil affairs, direction action, counter-terrorism and war on drugs operations

What is the purpose for the USNORTHCOM?

Plans, organizes and executes homeland defense and civil support missions

What is the purpose for the USSTRATCOM?

Charged with space operations, information operations, missile defense, global command and control, intelligence, surveillence, and recon

What is the purpose for the USCENTCOM?

AOR includes Egypt

What is the purpose for the USJFCOM?

Primarily responsible for providing mission-ready joint-capable forces and supporting the development and intergration of joint, interagency, and multinational capabilities to meet the present and future operations needs of the joint force

What is the purpose for the AMC?

Provides airlift and aerial refueling for all of America's armed forces

What is the purpose for the PACAF?

Organize, trains, equips, and maintains resources prepared to conduct a broad spectrum of air operations in the DoD's largest are of responsibility

What is the purpose for the USAFE?

Executes the US European Command mission with forward-based air power

What is the purpose for the AFSOC?

Responsible for the readiness of AF special operations

What is the purpose for the ACC?

Organizes, trains, equips, and deploys ready forces to support combatant commands around the globe

What is the purpose for the AETC?

Recruit airmen and provide all types and levels of education and training to airmen

What is the purpose for the AFGCS?

Develops war-winning technology, acquisition support, sustainment and expeditionary capabilities to the warfighter

What is the purpose for the AFRC?

Conducts fixed-winged aerial spray missions. Fly hurricane hunter missions and administratively responsible for the AF individual mobilization augmentee program

What is the purpose for the AFSPC?

Responsible for overseeing Air Force network operations to provide capabilities in, through and from cyberspace; manage a global network of satellites

What are the Coast Guard core values?

Honor, Courage, and Commitment

What are the Army core values?

Guard, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

What are the Navy/Marines core values?

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty

What is the custom if you are driving on an Army post during retreat?

Stop your vehicle, get out, come to the position of attention, and render a hand salute

What is the custom if you are approached on a military installation by a vehicle carrying a flag with one or more stars?

You must stop, face the vehicle, come to the position of attention, and render a hand salute. You may drop your salute once the vehicle passes

What is Military Theory?

the scientific, artistic, and philosophical idea or view relating to principles, methods, rules, and operations of war

What are the Principles of War?

unity of command, objective, offensive, mass, maneuver, economy of force, security, surprise, and simplicity

________ is not a principal of war?


What is the Air Force Doctrine?

a statement of officially sanctioned beliefs, war fighting principles, and terminology that describes and guides the proper use of air, space, and cyberspace power in military operations

What is the U.S. Strategy?

the art and science of developing and employing instruments of national power in a synchronized and integrated fashion to achieve theater, national, and/or multinational objectives

Define operational doctrine.

guides the proper organization and employment of forces in the context of distinct objective, force capabilities, and broad functional areas

Define tactical doctrine.

describes the proper employment of specific Air Force assets, individually or in concert with other assets, to accomplish detailed objectives

Explain how tactical actions potentially affect the mission success in a JIIM.

used in battle such as ambushes, seeking and turning flanks, maintaining reconnaissance, and creating and using obstacles and defenses. The enemies' tactics are changing like the use of IEDs. If you don't change your tactics to fight against the enemy, your mission could fail

_____________________ and _____________________ focus on deterring war, resolving conflict, promoting peace, irregular warfare, national disasters, and supporting civil authorities in response to domestic crisis.

Crisis response and contingency operations

What is Homeland defense?

The protection of U.S. sovereignty, territory, domestic population, and critical defense infrastructure against external threats and aggression

What is Civil support?

DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies and for designated law enforcement and other activities

What is an adversarial crisis?

An operation in which there is an enemy that our energies are being directed toward

Define non adversarial crisis.

Term used to describe how operational Airmen accomplish missions that are not war but responses to a crisis or contingency

A Joint Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational environment is often referred to as _____________?


A series of activities, operations, or organizations in which elements of two or more military departments participate to achieve strategic and operational objectives within a given time and space is known as a ________________________?

Joint campaign

What is traditional warfare?

A confrontation between national states or coalitions/ alliances of nation-states

What is irregular warfare?

A violent struggle among state and non-state actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations

List three key operational Air Force capabilities that are provided through airpower.

Strategic Attack, Counterair, Counterland, Air Interdiction, Countersea, Combat Support, Airlift, Air Refueling, and Special Operations

List two fundamental concepts of traditional warfare.

A confrontation between nation-states or coalitions/alliances of nation-states. Typically involves force-on-force military operations in which adversaries employ a variety of conventional military capabilities against each other in the air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace domains. The objectives may be to convince or coerce key military or political decision makers, defeat an adversary's armed forces, destroy an adversary's warmaking capacity, or seize or retain territory in order to force a change in an adversary's government or policies

List two fundamental concepts of irregular warfare.

A violent struggle among state and non-state actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations. Combatants are irregular military rather than regular forces, like guerrilla or asymmetric warfare. They may employ the full range of military and other capabilities, in order to erode an adversary's power, influence, and will. Will test the resolve of a state and its strategic partners

Summarize how the Air Force capabilities of air, space, and cyberspace relate to and complement other U.S. Air Force units or service capabilities.

All operations require some sort of collaboration between units or services. The Joint environment requires all units/services to work together to accomplish the mission. Without Air Force capabilities you would not have control of air, space, or cyberspace making it hard to accomplish any mission

Why is it important for a NCO to understand and be aware of the impact of diverse cultures as they relate to human interactions, behaviors, and mission accomplishment?

Allows Airmen to work successfully with allies and defeat adversaries. Cultural awareness can reduce battlefield friction and the fog of war, and improve the military's ability to accomplish its mission by providing insight into the intent of the groups involved

What are the following apart of?
Family and Kinship
Religion and Spirituality
Sex and Gender
Political and Social Relations
Economics and Resources
Time and Space
Language and Communication
Technology and Material
History and Myth
Sustenance and Health
Aesthetics and Recreation
Learning and Knowledge

The twelve Domains of Culture

What have the following characteristics of culture done?
Our ideas about who has the authority in a group
How 'truth' is defined and presented to others
How people define beauty, good, evil and deviance
Causality beliefs that certain actions or situations cause other events
The meaning and value of human life
The place of spirit and mind in our belief systems and education
People's definition of the "good life"
Human relationships to the Creator, to the Cosmos, and to other Humans
How do people gain power, prestige, and legitimacy
How much are people believed to act as independent agents
Does sorcery exist
Definitions of violence and coercion
The degree to which people are expected to submit to authority
The role of the individual versus the collective
Relative importance of rules and relationships.

Shaped worldviews and impacted mission success

Give one example of how religion and culture have influenced Joint Operations.

Have included/provided culture specific training, cultural awareness training, language training, policies, procedures, and plans must now consider and/or encompass cultural considerations that include local culture, sister service culture, multinational, and allies

List two significant events that occurred in the history of nuclear weapons.

Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Airlift, Hiroshima

Define nuclear deterrence.

The prevention from action by fear of consequences. It is a state of mind brought about by the existence of a credible threat of unacceptable counteraction

Deterrence = ______ X will X ______ .

Capability and perception

What is the role of nuclear weapons in deterrence?

The primary purpose of maintaining the US nuclear arsenal is to discourage an enemy from pursuing, procuring, and employing nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction (WMD) for fear of reprisals.

What are the following?
- Practice OPSEC
- Augmentee SFS if needed
- Participate in nuclear surety inspections and exercises
- Transport/secure nuclear weapons
- Support the administrative and medical needs of those who work with nuclear weapons (PRP)
- Supervise subordinate performance
- Discipline substandard performance
- Promote the importance of deterrence

Ways in which a NCO supports deterrence and impacts national security strategy

What is nuclear proliferation?

The rapid increase or spread of nuclear weapons and nuclear material, technology, and information to nations that aren't recognized by NWS

What is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)?

An effort by members to detect, secure, and dispose of weapons of mass destruction

What is a Nuclear Weapon State (NWS)?

A nation that has nuclear weapons and the capability for their employment

What is nuclear surety?

Materiel, personnel, and procedures that contribute to the security, safety, and reliability of nuclear weapons and to the assurance that there will be no nuclear weapon accidents, incidents, unauthorized weapon detonations, or degradation in performance at the target

Name the key components of nuclear surety.

Security, safety, and reliability

Individual reliability encompasses two processes: ______ ensures that those persons whose behavior demonstrates integrity, reliability, and are trustworthy to the United States shall be allowed to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons; _____ requires the presence at all times two PRP individuals perform tasks and duties associated with the nuclear weapon.

Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) and two-person concept

What was created to execute nuclear weapons with precision when called upon by our Nation; ensure oversight of the nuclear mission of the US Air Force; and restore our country's and our allies' faith in our ability to safeguard nuclear assets

AF Global Strike Command

The Air Force Global Strike Command operates two new commands that encompass two numbered Air Forces: ______ Air Force, which is responsible for all nuclear-capable _____; and the ___ Air Force, which is responsible for all _____.

8th and bombers and 20th and ICBMs

What are the components of the new triad?

SLBMs, ICBMs, and bombers

______ is not a component of the new triad's non-nuclear and nuclear strike capabilities.

Warhead reliability

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ___ ___ have the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons.

does not

List two current regional nuclear security issues that are of concern to the US.

Iran's nuclear weapons program and North Korea's development and tests of nuclear weapons

What can the US do to prepare to defend itself and its allies against the threats of nuclear proliferation?

Continue to conduct research and technology, military training (CBRNE), invent new nuclear weapons, and continue to collect credible intelligence

What are two incidents that led to the USAF reemphasizing the nuclear enterprise?

The unauthorized movement of nuclear weapons and the misshipment of sensitive missile components

What was a lesson learned as a result of the misshipment of sensitive missile components in March 2008?

Violation of process discipline, which requires following standard operating procedures to accomplish routine missions

What two events led to the following NCO characteristics to ensure nuclear weapons related events do not occur?
- Leading by positive example
- Assuming responsibility for their actions
- Communicating the importance of nuclear surety to Airmen
- Monitoring personnel actions
- Disciplining inappropriate behavior and substandard duty performance
- Knowing/enforcing nuclear regulations

The unauthorized movement of nuclear weapons and misshipment of sensitive missile components

What are Weapons Storage Areas (WSAs)?

Heavily secured areas inside the perimeter of a base commonly referred to as igloos

What is Prime Nuclear Airlift Force (PNAF)?

Peacetime support of logistical airlift; specially trained C-130 and C-17 aircrews and support personnel

What is Weapons Storage and Security System (WS3)?

Includes electronic monitoring and controls and weapons storage vaults built into the floor of a protective aircraft shelter

What is meant by the "Profession of Arms?"

A distinct, professional sub-culture with a body of theory and specialized knowledge, service to the community and nation, and how these all combine to defend freedom, pursue peace, and protect America and its interests

Explain the meaning of the oath of enlistment/reenlistment.

Refers to a promise, ethical agreement or bond of one's word to commit yourself to the basic core values, placing service to the Constitution, the President, and compatriots before yourself

What do all Airmen accept and embrace upon taking the Oath of Enlistment?

Airmen agree to limit their freedoms to be readily available for short-notice assignments. They also forfeit certain freedoms like speech and expression to support the needs of national security

Define and list the elements that make up Warrior Ethos.

It is the tenacity to push through, self-discipline, self-control, hardiness of spirit despite physical and mental hardships, moral, and physical courage. The elements include: Hardiness of Spirit, Courage (Moral & Physical), and Resiliency

Define Air Force resilience.

It is an Airmen's ability to withstand, recover, and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands by orchestrating the use of base resources, support activities, peers, and leadership

Give examples of Air Force resilience.

Ability of Airmen to overcome and "bounce back" from physical and mental hardships that are faced in every day challenges associated with military life

How can resiliency impact your effectiveness as an NCO?

Helps Airmen to overcome and "bounce back" from the physical and mental hardships faced every day

What elements do American Airmen contribute to the military mission that ensures the USAF is the premier air force on the globe?

Their continued professionalism, their commitment to the Oath of Enlistment, and their dedication to the Core Values

What are the four macronutrients?

Whole grain bread, olive oil, egg, water

Micronutrients are _________ and __________.

Vitamins and minerals

Benefits for having proper nutrition help maintain _________________________ and replenish muscle glycogen.

Blood sugar

List three ways functional training helps you.

Makes you better on the job; Makes you better at home; Makes you less likely to be injured;Increases your quality of life; Decreases stress

_____________ is a concept that trains the body as a whole and not necessarily one target muscle group.


Which best describes how to perform high intensity exercise?

Functional workouts, FOSI, tactical breathing

What do the letters in FOSI mean?

Form Over Speed and Intensity

List three ways Human Performance impacts you, your unit and mission effectiveness.

Makes you resilient; Energy and stamina to work long hours; Helps you to pay attention to the minute details of life and of the job; Recharges your physical and mental energy; Improves your decision making skills; Improves your performance; Increases your endurance

What is the culture?

Set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a company or an organization

Define heritage.

Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor or property that descends to an heir.

In 1907, the U.S. Army Signal Corps established a small _____________________________ to take charge of all matters pertaining to military ballooning, air machines, and all kindred subjects.

Aeronautical Division

Who was the first female pilot allowed to wear the U.S. Army uniform?

Ruth Law

On 24 May 1918, the War Department officially recognized two Army agencies, the Bureau of Aircraft Production and the Division of Military Aeronautics, as the _________________.

Air Service of the U.S. Army

The National Security Act of _____________established the United States Air Force, headed by the Chief of Staff, USAF.


What did the success of Operation Desert Storm prove about the importance of airpower?

Proved that it could decrease casualty counts and that it can provide a decisive path to victory

Because the U.S. was attacked on its own soil; because of the amount of lives lost; to stop the spread of terrorism around the world; to prevent countries from harboring terrorists; to destroy the Taliban government; to destroy terrorist training facilities; and to bring Osama Bin Laden and his radical followers to justice, were all reasons what was launched?

Operation Enduring Freedom

What decoration is awarded to U.S. and foreign military personnel and civilians who have displayed extraordinary heroism in one of the following situations: while engaged in action against a U.S. enemy, while engaged in military operations involving conflict with a foreign force, or while serving with a friendly nation engaged in armed conflict against a force in which the U.S. is not a belligerent party?

Air Force Cross

Why is Air Force culture and heritage important to Airmen?

Knowing your place in the Profession of Arms separates your profession from other professions in terms of sacrifice and dedication. And knowing it instills pride and a sense of belonging to an organization.

Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 36-2203 covers ________________ and ________________ ceremonies, while Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2903 governs ________________ and _________________.

Reveille and retreat/dress and appearance

What is the purpose of drill and ceremony?

In addition to discipline, it teaches and develops teamwork, confidence, pride, alertness, attention to detail, and esprit de corps. The purpose is to accomplish one or more of the following: provide distinctive honors to national symbols or individuals on special occasions; display proficiency and the state of training of the troops of a command; promote teamwork and pride in an Air Force organization; contribute to the public morale by displaying symbolically the strength and unity of the military in support of the nation.

Why is it important for an NCO to know drill and ceremony?

By learning how to work as a team, by improving your appearance and discipline, and by demonstrating Excellence in All We Do, NCOs can advance the Profession of Arms

How might an NCO use the knowledge of drill and ceremony to enhance subordinate and work center effectiveness?

NCOs who can effectively lead subordinates in discipline, cohesion, teamwork, confidence, pride, alertness, attention to detail, and esprit de corps—can also instill these qualities in subordinates in the work center leading to more effective leaders in the work center

Define diversity.

The fact or quality of being diverse: difference. Unlike in kind: distinct, varied; a point of respect in which things differ; variety

Define the primary dimensions of diversity.

Differences that are inborn and/or exert an important impact on early socialization and an ongoing impact throughout people's lives

List 3 (three) examples of the primary dimensions.

Age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, and sexual orientation

Define the secondary dimensions of diversity.

Differences that you acquire, discard, and/or modify throughout your life

List 3 (three) examples of the secondary dimensions.

Differences in educational level, job function, socio-economic status, personality profile, marital status, family responsibilities, religious beliefs, and geographic location

Being _______________ _______________ requires all Airmen to develop keen awareness and understanding of others' emotions, feelings, personality, temperaments, strengths, cultural differences, values, and beliefs.

Socially sensitive

List 3 (three) ways Socio-Behavioral Tendencies effect the workplace.

Poor communication and little or no teamwork; animosity toward one another; poor morale and lack of discipline; minimal use of creativity and experience and reduced productivity; discrimination

Identify the 5 (five) characteristics of a diversity supportive environment where individuals work cohesively in your workplace. List each characteristic and give an example of how each one supports a diverse organization.

Act Proactively - Integrate diversity into everyday thinking; Leadership Driven- Endorses and actively champions diversity initiatives; Encourage Ownership of Initiatives- Individuals value diversity and are committed to making it work; Think Inclusively- Everyone is a valued member of the organization; Mainstream Diversity- Diversity is a part of every effort.

The following are included in what strategy?
Feedback is giving and receiving information about expectations as well as how to meet those expectations;
Assistance is making sure workers have what they need to work to their fullest potential; Inclusion is making sure everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in the Workplace;
Respect is recognizing each person's unique value, contributions, and potential to the organization.

FAIR way

List 3 (three) examples that describe why it is important to understand and employ the FAIR Way strategy.

It provides NCOs with a consistent approach to deal effectively with diversity. It helps maximize retention and productivity. It helps maintain effective working relationships in work places

As a leader, understanding ____________________________ will help to maximize individual/unit performance and allow your Airmen to reach their highest potential.


Define ethics.

Set of standards of conduct that guide decisions and actions based on duties derived from core values

Define ethical leadership.

Knowing your core values and having the courage to live by them in all parts of your life in service of the common good

Give examples of 3 accepted ethical codes the Air Force uses to maintain an ethical climate.

USAF Core Values, AFI 36-2618, Airmen's Creed, Professional Development Guide (PDG), Code of Conduct, DOD Joint Staff Guide 5260 Service Member's Personal Protection Guide, Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

Why should NCO's commit to and follow USAF accepted codes of conduct and ethical principles?

In order to act and behave in an ethical manner in any given situation

Leaders who model ________________ ________________ inspire confidence in those they lead, inspiring them to accept and follow decisions from ethical leaders and organizations with an ethical climate rather than from unethical leaders or organizations with a corrosive environment.

Ethical behavior

Subordinates of leaders who model ethical behavior such as setting the example, always doing the right thing, and holding those accountable that do not adhere to __________, _____________, and _______________ are more apt to accept and follow decisions from ethical leaders than from those who don't.

Rules , results and realities

According to Sarah Boatman, NCO's should create and promote an ethical climate and foster ethical behavior using what three principles?

No rewards for unethical behavior, sanctions and forgiveness for mistakes, and appropriate action taken for dereliction of duty

____________________________ is making decisions based on personal values/beliefs rather than on military rules, regulations, and codes of conduct.

Ethical Relativism

____________________________ is making decisions based on a "win at all cost" attitude rather than on military rules, regulations, and codes of conduct.

Drive for Success

____________________________ is making decisions based on respect and/or loyalty to an individual, unit, or organization, etc. rather than on military rules, regulations, and codes of conduct.

Loyalty Syndrome

___________________________ is making decisions based on how the decision will impact one's reputation/standing among peers, subordinates, supervisors, community etc. rather than on military rules, regulations, and codes of conduct.

Worry over Image

SSgt Tate is a supply management supervisor who wants to be the best she can be as an Airman and a professional. She values training and enhancement opportunities and makes an effort to acquire higher education. She also wants to ensure the growth of her Airmen, so she makes time to sit down with each one of them to provide clear guidance and expectations. She does not hesitate to correct substandard behaviors or recognize Airmen who exceed the standards. The result of Tate's actions has played an instrumental part in her workcenter receiving top awards from Group Command.
This scenario BEST illustrates:

Progressive Professionalism (P2); unit effectiveness

TSgt Smith is the NCOIC of night shift in the maintenance section. He was chosen because of his extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his ability to influence others. He continually emphasizes the importance of upholding standards and ensuring the job gets done right. He is well liked by all the Airmen, and they all look up to him. One evening, SrA Williams approached him and informed him that he couldn't finish a job because the only torque wrench they have is overdue calibration. Smith thought about it for a little while and instructed Williams to use it anyway. He justified it by saying that it's just one day overdue, what could possibly be off in one day.
The actions of TSgt Smith ________________and will MOST LIKELY result in _______________________.

Violate the AF Core Values; decreased mission effectiveness

As TSgt Burke and his team learn of their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, he recalls the physical strain they endured on their last deployment working with heavy gear in the desert environment. To ensure his team is trained and fit for the deployment, Burke enlisted the help of an Air Force exercise physiologist to develop an exercise plan to help his team endure the physical strain of the gear in the desert climate while disposing of explosives. The conditioning has made a huge difference in their effectiveness at the deployed location.
This scenario BEST illustrates _______________________________.

Functional Training

SSgt Stanley collapsed during squadron PT. TSgt Jones ran over to her to ensure she was okay, but she looked very pale and weak. He helped her to a spot to rest and regain her strength. Once Jones was comfortable with her condition, he asked, "Sergeant Stanley, I've noticed you've lost a lot of weight in the past several weeks. Are you getting enough to eat?" She responded, "I've been trying to lose weight in preparation for my upcoming PT test. I can't afford to fail; my EPR is due in a few months, and I don't want a referral."
Stanley's actions will MOST LIKELY result in___________________ and negatively impact __________________ effectiveness.

Loss of strength and endurance and potential injuries due to fatigue; NCO

TSgt Sharp, known for his consistency and maintenance of good order, performed an open ranks inspection. During the inspection, Sharp noticed that Airman Tidwell's uniform was missing a button and was wrinkled. After the inspection, he counseled Tidwell and informed him that according to AFI 36-2903 each Air Force member is required to keep their uniform neat, clean, pressed, buttoned, and properly maintained at all times. The next month Tidwell won the Squadron "Look Sharp Award."
This scenario BEST illustrates TSgt Sharp's understanding of ___________________ and its impact on ________________.

Inspections and discipline; NCO effectiveness.

MSgt Wyatt has been given the honor of conducting a retreat ceremony for Memorial Day. Since there are only a few days left before the event, Wyatt informs the team that they will practice at the end of each day to ensure they properly perform the ceremony. At the practice, Wyatt notices that they grumble and complain about having to wear the uniform and work on their day off. Wyatt decides to bring everyone in for a little talk and sternly states, "It's hot and I know you would all rather be doing something else, but this retreat means a lot to the veterans and the families of the fallen."
MSgt Wyatt's interpretation of ________________ will MOST LIKELY ____________________.

Culture and heritage; increase mission effectiveness.

TSgt Wyatt's team is extremely competent and works well together. He considers all of the friendly teasing and joke-telling signs of a healthy team. This morning, two team members approach him and explain how uncomfortable they are with most of the jokes. Wyatt responds, "If I take action now, it might disrupt our deployment preparations and interfere with our teamwork. Do you two want that?" Both Airmen say, "No sir!" Wyatt says, "Good. Just ignore the humor for now, and I'll deal with it as soon as we return.
TSgt Wyatt's _______________ will MOST LIKELY _______________.

Failure to apply the FAIR Way; have a negative impact on mission effectiveness

Upon entering the break room, the NCOIC MSgt Mitchell encounters two Airmen yelling at each other and says, "What's going on here?" A1C Abbas states, "When I told A1C Shula to help us clean up, he called me prayer-boy and refused to follow my orders. I told him you put me in charge, so he has to follow my orders. He called me the same name again and that's when you walked in." Mitchell says, "Airman Shula, I put Airman Abbas in charge of the clean-up, therefore you will do as he says. No excuses. Do you understand me?" Snapping to attention, A1C Shula says, "Yes sir!" After Mitchell leaves, Shula says, "Alright prayer-boy, what do you want me to do?"
This scenario BEST illustrates _______________ and its negative impact on ___________.

Non diversity-supportive environment; mission effectiveness

SSgt Walker and his team are preparing for an inspection. While organizing the storage room, A1C Bates discovers equipment that should have been turned in months ago per the AFI. He reports the findings to Walker and suggests hiding the equipment until after the inspection. Walker responds, "That will quickly take care of the problem, but understand there are possible consequences for that decision." After considering the consequences, Bates decides to fill out the paper work to turn-in the equipment. On the inspection report, it was noted that equipment was turned in late; however, the work center identified it and corrected the discrepancy in a proper manner.
This scenario BEST illustrates effective use of ___________________ and its impact on NCO, unit, and mission effectiveness.

The ethical principle of the Three R's (rules, results, realities).

SSgt Stanley, a well-respected NCO, conducted a review of the work center's training records for the upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection. During his review, he identified several required tasks that weren't signed off. Due to time constraints, he had his Airmen initial off on those tasks. He planned to go over the areas at another time.
SSgt Stanley's behavior of ____________________will MOST LIKELY __________ NCO, unit, and mission effectiveness.

"drive for success"; reduce

TSgt Skinner, Avionics Maintenance NCOIC, has three Airmen about to deploy with the Army. During a conversation, Amn Soho asks, "We've never worked with the Army; what should we expect?" Skinner replies, "The command is composed of two or more military departments and has a broad continuing mission under a single commander. The commander has the operational control and has full authority to organize and employ the forces as necessary to accomplish assigned missions." After Skinner answered several more questions, Soho says, "Thank you, sir. I now feel better prepared for the deployment."
This paragraph BEST summarizes how knowledge of __________________ impact NCO effectiveness.

Combatant Commands

MSgt Jenkins, NCOIC of a work center in the Technology and Interoperability Facility, is meeting with Amn Simpkins who has just in-processed to the unit. Jenkins feels that it is important to meet with each Airman to give them his expectations and ensure they understand the mission they support. He begins by telling her, "Our organization oversees Air Force network operations that provide cyberspace capabilities by managing a network of satellites. We are also responsible for operating sensors that provide direct attack warning and assessment to US Strategic Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command. The National Command Authority relies upon us to fulfill their mission."
This scenario BEST explains the importance of:

Air Force Space Command

TSgt Rojas is a loadmaster for a C-17 Globemaster stationed at McChord AFB, WA. He briefs his team on their upcoming mission. "This is classified information, he begins. We are deploying immediately to Aviano AB, Italy to pick up the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team stationed at Vicenza, Italy for a combat jump to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.
This scenario BEST explains:

The relationship of supporting capabilities within a joint campaign

Since the Sept 11, 2001 attack on the US, the US military has been under indirect and asymmetric warfare. The US overwhelming dominance in military capability made it highly unlikely that adversaries will choose to fight head-to-head. Instead they have used spectrum of warfare where the nature and characteristics are significantly different. It includes, but is not limited to, activities such as insurgency, counterinsurgency, terrorism, and counterterrorism.
This paragraph BEST summarizes ______________?
a. Tactical Actions
b. Adversarial Crisis Response
c. Irregular Warfare

c. Irregular Warfare

TSgt Jonson is about to deploy for the first time. Not wanting to make the same cultural mistakes, others in his unit have made while deployed, he memorized the Air Force Cultural and Language Center's field guide on Afghanistan's culture. He also visits a local Afghan community in the States to practice what he has learned and establishes a great working relationship with the Afghan community.
TSgt Jonson's actions BEST illustrate effective application of the:
a. AF Cross-Cultural Competence Model
b. Learning and Knowledge Domain of Culture
c. Political & Social Relations Domain of Culture

a. AF Cross-Cultural Competence Model

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