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a coercive organization

If you were a prisoner a maximum-security prison would be which of the following types of organizations from your point of view?


T or F: In today's information age more competitive organizations have a more hierarchical pyramid shape.


T or F: Compared to U.S. organizations many formal organizations in Japan have had more qualities of primary groups.

an out-group

A social group toward which a person feels competition or opposition is which of the following?

laissez-faire leaders

What type of leaders downplay their own power letting the group function more or less on its own?

a dyad

Which concept refers to a social group with only two members?

some organizations have evolved toward flatter, more flexible forms, but others remain rigid organizations patterned by McDonald's.

The text speaks of "opposing trends" in today's world of formal organizations because


T or F: Generally people in secondary relationships think of others as being a means to some end.

Dyads are less stable than groups with many members.

Which statement correctly reflects Simmel's interpretation of the dyad?


T or F: Expressive leaders are more likely than instrumental leaders to enjoy more personal affection from group members.

" showed, people are surprisingly likely to follow the orders of not only real authority figures but also groups of ordinary individuals.

Stanley Milgram's research in which subjects used a "shock generator

The group seeks diverse members and ends up being unable to reach a consensus.

Here are four statements describing group dynamics. Which of them is NOT an expression of groupthink?

Organizations create alienation.

Max Weber argued that formal organizations were efficient but he cautioned that they can have harmful effects on people. As he saw it what is the danger?

democratic leader

Which type of leader encourages everyone in a group to have a say in what happens?

Many people are willing to compromise their own judgment to avoid being seen as different by others.

Which of the following statements is consistent with the findings of Solomon Asch?

a normative organization

Assume you are a parent of a child in school. From your point of view what type of organization is a school's parent-teacher association (PTA)?


T ro F: The leadership style that allows group members the most autonomy is "laissez-faire."

that the organizational principles of McDonald's have come to dominate our social life.

The success story of the McDonald's organization explains


Which of these concepts was used by Robert Michels to refer to the rule of the many by the few?


Imagine you are watching several dozen passengers sitting in an airport gate area waiting to board a plane. These people are an example of a

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