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the act and criminal intent

In legal terms a crime is composed of which two components?

even this disciplined and highly religious group created deviance to clarify the moral boundaries of their community.

In his study of New England's Puritans Kai Erikson concluded that


Using the terms in Robert Merton's strain theory which of the following concepts correctly describes the behavior of a radical activist who rejects just about everything in the existing society in favor of some alternative system

reinterpreting someone's past in light of a present deviance.

The concept "retrospective labeling" refers to the process of

through plea bargaining.

Most criminal cases handled by the criminal justice system in the United States are resolved

victimless crime

Prostitution is widely regarded as which of the following types of crime

the onset of secondary deviance.

His friends begin to criticize Marco as a "juice-head" pushing him out of their social circle. Marco begins to drink even more becomes bitter and joins a new group of friends who also are heavy drinkers. According to Lemert Marco's situation illustrates


T or F: Emile Durkheim's analysis suggests it would be impossible for a society to completely eliminate deviance.


T or F: Albert Cohen suggested that lower-class youths form a delinquent subculture to gain the self-respect that society denies them.

All of these are correct.

Using a Marxist approach Steven Spitzer claims that prime targets for deviant labeling include

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